Lake Wingra Photos
Dane County, Wisconsin

Robert Poole - While casing for Muskys and Bass I landed this little guy. I think he was hungry!
Robert Poole
Dan Nelson - Muskies Jumping at Wingra Spillway.
Dan Nelson
Rev JC - This was my first day out musky fishing in almost 3 months because of the birth of my son, and what a great first day back at it. I caught 3 muskies total, including this decent 37 incher. Got this one on the 8. Wingra has been hot this year.
Rev JC
Rev JC - Not quite 21 inches, but this thing was pushing 6 pounds. Just a hog.
Rev JC
Rev JC - Ive never even caught a pike on this lake, dont remember even seeing one; but Ill take a pike like this any day! Was a great start to what ended up being a THREE MUSKY day. Cant complain!
Rev JC
Rev JC - Caught this musky on opening day :) We got 2 in the boat that day, not bad.
Rev JC
Rev JC - Practice Catch & Release!!! Always :)
Rev JC
Rev JC - This 45 incher hit right at the boat on the first turn of my figure 8! Was awesome. Fought like crazy, took out drag twice, and jumped twice. My heart was pounding. My biggest Madison chain musky so far, and in Wingra? Whod a thunk? Lol.
Rev JC
Jordan Rowland - My first largemouth,and it weighed 7 pounds! Went musky fishing with the Rev, but Ill take this bass any day!!!
Jordan Rowland
Tom Kusch - Fishing at Lake Wingra on the pier next to the swim beach. I was using a 9 1/2 inch sucker.
Tom Kusch
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez
James Kimberley  jr. - My son caught a monster on Wingra through the ice!
James Kimberley jr.
Henry Gore - Caught on a brown mepps 5 muskiekiller came up to the boat twice before she hit the lure.
Henry Gore
Henry Gore - Nice muskie on a white mepps #5 spinner
Henry Gore
Dave Punzel - Went out fishing with the Rev and landed 3 musky, lost 1 at the net, and had 11 follows! Not bad at all.
Dave Punzel
Jim Rivest - Was a great day fishing with the Rev! Landed 2 musky, lost 1 at the net, and had 5 follows :)
Jim Rivest
Karl Koppelmann - My first Muskie....cought and released on Lake Wingra, 9/5/2010
Karl Koppelmann
Rev JC - Nice largemouth caught on my hot pink / neon musky spinner :) Boated about 10 fish this year on that lure... what the heck? Lol.
Rev JC
Rev. Jeff Contreras - Caught on a black / green bulldawg.
Rev. Jeff Contreras
Casey Wrasse
Casey Wrasse
Dan Nelson - First day of Fall September 23, 2010.  Full Moon.  5:15 pm. Windy.  84 degrees.  Water temp. 69 degrees.  Lake Wingra.  40  Mouldys Topper Stopper.
Dan Nelson
Jon Gaffaney
Jon Gaffaney
Dan Nelson - Lake Wingra Largemouth Bass on a bait I made!
Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson - Lake Wingra Musky October 2008
Dan Nelson
Chris Brown - This musky was caught on a sucker in November.
Chris Brown
Brian Maurer - Hula poper. He smashed it soon as  the Poper poped once. Was a great fight and my biggest bass catch so far.
Brian Maurer
Brian maurer - Was my first musky. No leader.... fishin with my moss boss. This musky fought hard and splashed lots of water at me. As soon as I picked him up out of the water he pooped all over me before bringin em in kayak for measureing. haha... Musky cought at 1:03pm was a cold crappy rainy day..
Brian maurer
Peter  Riddle
Peter Riddle
Shane Green - 1st muskie, didnt put up much fight in the water, only one jump.  Shes a survivor though, beak was pretty scarred up.  Took a medium size bass spinner in wingra creek.  Thankfully my wife was there with a net to help get it over the rocks.
Shane Green
Jamey  Anderson - 

I caught this fish on a boatside strike with a Rapala X-Rap size 12.  It was a really heavy set fish probably weighing 14 to 15 pounds.  Wingra muskies are well fed!
Jamey Anderson
Musky Chick
Musky Chick
Musky Chick - My first Ski!!!!

Not much of a fight as she just came from under the boat and hit a Double D HARD !  This was after being on the water for 6-7 hours in the sleeting rain so I was completely unprepared...Quite a rush either way!
Musky Chick
Josh Brunner - 1st Muskie -
Josh Brunner
Bill Pekara - 35 inch Musky caught by Bill Pekara of Cherry Valley, IL.  First musky ever!
Bill Pekara
Scott  Zetzsche - I was fishing for bass and got a big surprise.
Scott Zetzsche
Chuck Brady - 30 mph winds, cold, and raining.  Caught this fish right where we had lost one the night before.  Fish had scars and wounds, but was lively.
Chuck Brady
scott pfeifer - This fish had a DNR tag. I contacted Jason Himebauch (Madison Area Fisheries Technician) and he had specifics about the fish. It hadnt grown much since spring (1/2) and was pretty skinny. But I  thought it was neat to be able to check out the history.
scott pfeifer