Lake Wingra Lake Reviews
Dane County, Wisconsin

There are currently 13 reviews for Lake Wingra.
One of the best bass lakes I've ever fished. Already landed nine 5lb+ bass from this lake within 2017 & 2018 from a kayak. It definitely can be tough at times but if you fish it right and take your time, you will be rewarded!
Good Ice los of small fish and a great starter lake for kids.
If you just want to see or catch a Musky, this is the place to go. Also known as the "petting zoo" or "bowl", this lake is packed with musky, it's a small lake, and easy to fish. Caught my first Musky here, which is probably true for a lot of anglers :) Not too many real big Musky, but there are 40 inchers in there. I know there are nice Largemouth in there too, but other than that, not sure this is the greatest lake to fish for anything else.
This summer the worst I've seen for weeds on this lake. If not for that, would be a nice lake for muskies. Just do a lap around the lake and you'll usually at least raise one.
When most are fishing the big lakes in and around the Madison, WI area I'll be pulling out Tigers and native muskies, bass and northern from Lake Wingra. I typically paddle the shorelines in the spring/summer/fall with top water baits and enjoy the solitude as this by far is a sleeper lake and is only in the lake system through Wingra Creek. It's great to watch the fish migrate in the spring from Lake Monona as they jump the dam near the zoo. Overall again as Lake Wingra is a sleeper lake the pressure is at a minimum and it is a beautiful 345 acres surrounded mostly by the arboretum.
The absolute worst lake of the chain's I would rather fish at Warner Park
I have been there several isnt that great.
Great musky lake for action. It's great lake to work on your musky fishing skills. Anything over 40" is a trophy on this lake. It's also a good lake to get a younster hooked on musky fever!!!!
Need to lower the minium limit on muskie.
Great For Muskies Until Weeds Come Up.
Best Musky Fishing In The STATE...LOTS Of Freakin Monsters
I Catch A Lot Of Small Bass And Panfish But There Are Too Many Damn Weeds..
Lots Of Nice Muskies. Good Place For Panfish