Lake Waubesa Lake Reviews
Dane County, Wisconsin

There are currently 28 reviews for Lake Waubesa.
Lived on this lake 10+ years now, and I have few complaints. Fantastic multi-species fishery. Never know what you're going to catch. Good numbers and decent sizes on most types of fish (though for size Mendota seems better). Love to fish Walleye and Pike in the Spring, Carp and LMB in the Summer, Muskies in the fall. Pannies, Drum, White/Yellow Bass and Smallmouth bite well all year round. Usually busy on holiday weekends, but considering the pressure, it's a great fishery in many ways. Just wish there were more Catfish and maybe a few Sturgeon to round things out, but you can't have everything.
This is lake is great for panfish. It's great for ice fishing and even better in the summer. Try using a fly rod in the spring and summer months for rising gills, crappie, and bass.
This lake has more big bluegills every year. Just keeps getting better.
I have had barely any luck here. The carp take up the hole lake. The lake has a little bit of everything thow.
great for fishing a wide range of fish species.
Another great lake in Madison, full of good size Musky :) You can pretty much catch anything in here.
Would be a 4 or 5 if the water skiers would give you some room in the summer!!!!!!
i have fished this lake for 35 years never thought that it would become a great muskie lake! i have caught lots fof them a 45" my largest.
I fish here mainly for ice fishing and get some nice perch from 9-10 inches and some that are over that. This lake is also clean and the people are nice and the scenery is beautiful. Plus it is easy to access. I give it a thumbs up!
I have fished this lake almost every year of my life. It is unquestionably one of the best lakes in wisconsin as far as numbers go. The musky fishing has been great over the last 2 years or so. The bass fishing is great with huge fish present. Pan-fish is probably the best quality of this lake. Heck even the carp are abundant and easy to shoot.
Waubesa is a very good lake. With a top notch pan fishery, above average bass fishing and plenty of walleyes and muskies it has something for everyone. What few people realize is how good the pike fishing can be. In the Summer 2005 I caught 7 fish over 35 inches all on cranks including 2 on a sweltering hot Sunday!. This year I am looking for a 40"!
Great muskie lake! Try the southwest end using a blue Mepps Muskie Killer. Blue is the hot color on this lake.
Great musky lake caught two 40+ inch fish and 31 inch pike in one hour! Come check it out!
Haven't fished there in 20 years, but at that time we caught a wide selection of fish and the lake's structures were easy to fish.
this lake is a very good lake to fish-its clean,the people in the area are at there best=thank you Rob
You can't ask for much more than this. Great lake for Bass, Northern and Muskie. Walleye fishing must not be too bad either because I have caught them "by accident" a couple times. This lake is at the top of my list.
It's a good lake for fishing and watersports, but the murky water and sudden depth changes are a constant annoyance.
You can catch a lot of good sized panfish and some nice bass.
You can catch a lot of good sized panfish and some nice bass.
Fished there for years and year and every yer it gets worse. Used to get limit. Lucky now if you get 4 fish.
LOve fishing panfish there! It is awesome!
Smallies No Longer Small, Lrg. Mouths No Longer Large,pike From The South
Great Panfish Lake When The Bite Is On! Great Walleye Nite Bite In The Summer!
Very Good Fisherie, For Whatever You May Be Seeking.
Great Bullhead Lake-Good4x4 &radio Access
Best Panfish Lake In Wisconsin
Great For Panfish And Bass...
Usually Very Good Crappie/bluegill; Good Largemouth & Pike; Fair Walleye. Try To Fish Weekdays.