Lake Monona Lake Reviews
Dane County, Wisconsin

There are currently 20 reviews for Lake Monona.
This lake is tough for me. I fish this lake harder than any other lake and i never really have results. I pretty much live out here ice fishing and faithfully in the boat during the summer. i know there are some monster fish in this lake, I've caught two big northerns 38 and 40inches, a couple nices skis around 40inches, my ex caught a PIG ski her first time ever ice fishing(close to 50" 30+lbs), and I've seen what kind of walleyes this lake holds. I know this lake has big fish, can be hard to catch at times.
Although I have not fished this lake enough and I have not caught a ton of big fish in it yet, it's hard not to give it 5 stars. I have already caught Musky, Pike, Largemouth, and plenty of other Panfish on Monona. There are definitely 50 inch Musky in there, nice Pike, and pretty much anything else you want to try to catch. Great Lake, but somewhat hard to fish. My advice if you want to make a killing? Hire a guide, would probably be worth it... I should take my own advice :)
The best shot at catching a trophy musky on the Madison chain!
good all around lake
Great lake to fish bass, pike, musky,sometimes can be good for walleye and panfish. I fish here mostly every day in the summer and have never not caught a couple fish. Great lake for ice fishing to the weeds are a problem to and all the bluegills are really bad. But its a great lake to fish.
Went with my grandpa panfishin' in the summer. Great Lake. They'll hit but you got to know what depth. 40 or 32, ask the locals. But if you spend a good five four hours you'll catch your limit.
very hard to fish in alllll the weeds. I will trailor my boat 4 hrs north for no weeds...
Bluegil action is always consistant with sizes averaging from 7-8". high speed reacreational boat traffic is the frustrating factor for anglers
great ice fishing for nice 7-8 inch gills. even bigger ones at times too. a little crowded at times but a nice lake to catch fish.
This is the worst lake in the world for eelpout, lake sturgeon, and rainbow trout. But for everything else, you can bet your bottom dollar for a good and productive time.
small blue gills.... easy pickings
Great Bass lake. Have had some of my best days here. Not a lot of great spots, but the ones you find are always productive. I can't stand the "green slime" though.
A very respectable bass lake with an outstanding panfish population
The lake offers superb panfishing year round,also great muskie action. The wall at the convention center is great fishing if you don`t own a boat.
Trophy Muskies And Blue Gills!!! I give it a 8(out of 10).
Great Lake To Catch A Variety Of Fish.
Their Are Some Huge Pike In This Lake!! And Some Nice Sized Gills To
Ice Fishing Popular Year Round In Squaw Bay - Bluegill & Northerns - No Atv´s!!!!
This Lake Is Great For Big Panfish. It´s A Great Place To Take The Wife And Kids
Very Busy Lake Good For Sking.