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Dane County, Wisconsin

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I love the size of the lake, but I'm new to hear so trying to find the fish. My dog isn't the best navigator so could use any tips.
Great place
What happened to the perch only thread?
When I used to do a lot of ice fishing for perch on Mendota, I'd some times see a lot of plankton/bubbles come off the bottom on my sounder. I decided it was it was perch "grubbing" for organisms living in the bottom silt, releasing gas.
Shore fished tonight for an hour or so at a couple access points near Spring Harbor. Nice and calm. I think I caught all species of bass in Mendota tonight .... rock bass, white bass, smallies and largemouth .... nice night. Tried cranks, plastics and crawlers .. cranks got far and away the most action.
A great lake. Although I just got my boat, I still have had wonderful days on the water. I've caught plenty of Panfish and Bass, two Pike, and a couple of Walleyes. I was hoping maybe I could find some good areas to fish for Pike and Walleyes, or maybe some 'special' rigs, but I've come up empty handed. Overall, the lake is wonderful, has some great views of the city, and is a wonderful place to catch a variety of fish.
lived in the madison area my entire life. mendota is my favorite lake to fish, period. caught almost all of my biggest northerns on this lake(couple 37's, couple 39's, 40, and 41inches) except a couple from monona(38 and 40inches). i have seen and caught limits of solid 11inch gills, cats are everywhere, seen plenty of trophy eyes (7-12lbs) taken but ive never got one over 4lbs. awesome lake, northsider for life.
This is a great Pike lake, caught my biggest one to date here. If you want to catch a lot of Pike, and big Pike, there are 40 inchers in this lake. Pretty lake, and somewhat easy to fish. I know there's got to be Musky in there too, I just haven't found them yet :(
Fished this lake most of my life. You can catch most anything here.
Fishing is highly variable from day to day, can produce good fish at times. Now that the spiny water flea has been found in the lake, it is next to impossible to troll successfully.
great lake all together
Not the greatest lake has lots of trophy pike and some of the largest smallies in wisconsin, but you can't always catch a lot of fish.
Willow Creek is on Observatory Dr. Take Park St all the way down town off of the beltline until you can't go any farther on Park st. You will take a left off of Park St onto Observatory Dr and you Observatory Dr goes right over Willow Creek. Its about 10 blocks from the University hospital.
Madison is a great lake due to it's size and various species and quality of fish it contains. On any given day throughout the fishing season, it's possible to catch extremely large fish in several different species. Not many other lakes have that in WI. Especially lakes that are so close and accessible.
The best fish that I see come from this lake. This has to be one of the best smallmouth, walleye, pike, and musky in the nation!!!
I arranged with John Klus to fish Thursday evening with my 14 year old and again Friday morning with my 16 year old. We had a blast. Landed 5 northern Thursday including a 41 and a 42 incher. Boated 2 more northern and a muskie Friday. We look forward to doing this again.
Trophy Walleyes, Smallmouth, and Northern Pike.
Trophy Northern Pike Here And Smallmouth Too!
Best Bluegill Lake In Whole Midwest! Ihave Fiished This Lake My Whole Life(33)peaceout!
Lots Of Big Perch,plenty Of Other Fish,too Many People Crowding Together,search For Fish
Totally Awesome Ice Fishing Season For Perch Last WINTER!!!!!........WINTER Was Too Short!!!
Awesom Panfish/walleye Lake. Fishhead Rates It No 1
Great Fishing Lots Of Different Fishes,but Water To Damn Polluted!!!!
Great Lake, Quality Fishery With Trophy Fish Available If You Put In Your Time.