Lake Kegonsa Lake Reviews
Dane County, Wisconsin

There are currently 20 reviews for Lake Kegonsa.
Nice size lake ,good for boating not so much for fishing, more like a dead sea to me. Fished there 6-23 through 6-25-2016 with very little luck,granted it was my first time there.Tons of weeds from shore line out for long distances.Maybe just bad timing on my part,but not in any hurry to try it again,wiil try somewhere else next time.
Great fishing if you know what you are doing..... Practice catch and release!!!!!
This is a great lake for all fish.But takes to to master it for walleyes.
Man, this is a great lake.. Giant gils, good structure, great populations of fish. And the pleasure boaters arent too bad either.
Kegonsa is an unbelievable fishery, where else can you catch sheephead, bullhead, carp (buffalo and common) suckers, catfish, dogfish and gar all in the same great body of water? Keep on keepin' on backdoor adventures!
Awesome lake! Huge gills & tons of eyes!
This lake is the best for all around fishing... caught most of my monsters here great for smallmouth and northern and walleye:D
It's a great lake for bass fishing! Carp are also pretty good.
Best kept secret in Dane county, fished it for 30 years,panfishing is as good as any around. Next 6 weeks will be special, lookout PERCH !!!
"I really enjoy the campgrounds, because they are so clean and well-maintained, and the wildlife is fun to watch!"
Lake Kegonsa has the most picturesque sunsets and sunrises. We know, because we look out our window each morning and enjoy them on a daily basis! The water is clean, and the sandy bottom makes for great swimming and recreation!
Fish Kegonsa for months on end--caught HUGE Walleyes. 15-16 inches long. It was the best I have ever done in my life. Long Live Lake Kegonsa. IT'S THE BEST.
Caught many carp--all good size. Me and Mark Staff also of Utica, WI think Lake Kegona is the greatest for Carp Fishing. WE LOVE IT!! signed, Back Door Fishing Services.
Good Place To Spear Carp And Buffalo During The Spawn, Try Wading Behind The Houses
Its Pritty Good For Pan Fish And It Has Muskie
I Am A Local,,good Lake For Lgm Bass,big Blue Gill,pike Are Growing,avg Walleye,perch
Best Carp&sheephead Fishin In The World-Also Good For Dogfish&gar
Windy LAKE.GOOD Striper Fishing(troll For Them)
Alot Of Bluegill In The Creek On The Trail At The State Park.