Long Lake Lake Reviews
Columbia County, Wisconsin

There are currently 11 reviews for Long Lake.
Great lake and area for wildlife enthusiasts to explore. Fishing is good at times. Unfortunately, it is frequently flooded. The river "action stage" on below mentioned graph is set 1ft too high. If "action stage" was changed to 12.5 ft and an attempt was made by those regulating the river levels to avoid exceeding 12.5ft when possible, the boat landings and properties could be used safely and the wildlife that depends on this area would be unharmed. http://www.water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=mkx&gage=porw3
It is a really quiet lake with a lot of good fishing but the township keeps flooding it due to stupidity. Would be nice if I could actually go there for a weekend this spring. My grandpa has a trailer out there that we love going to but are never able to.
Been fishing on this lake since i was a little kid.. only fished during the spring summer an fall time never during the winter time. the pike, bass,blue gill pan fish crappie, perch are all awesome sized. just gotta know where to go. 80% of the time the lake is nice an quiet except holiday weekends usually the busiest...
I have been on this lake since 1971, and there is no iron in the lake, guess you need to know where to fish.
I've tried this lake many times with no luck through the ice. the Lake is full of iron which removes oxygen levels and kills many of the fish during the winter months. It is common to see hundreds of small pan fish dead upon the first spring thaw
Lots of nice crappies, northerns, and bass but I heard this lake has an oxygen problem as of lately. Open water fishing is good, but over the ice is a little tougher. Bites were few and far between, but there were tons of big fish and thousands of small fish on the surface in an open part over a spring. Not sure what the deal is? Come home with some nice crappies though.
Nice lake, not to many anglers out there, nice size fish, and lots of pads and stumps.
Nice lake, not to many anglers out there, nice size fish, and lots of pads and stumps.
Lots Of Pressure On Weekends, But Still Worth A Look. Trophy-Class Crappies.
Large Crappies, You Got To Catch A Couple Of These.
Quiet Lake!Good Action For Bass And Northerns. Holds Everything The Wisconsin River Does!!!