Swan Lake Lake Reviews
Columbia County, Wisconsin

There are currently 9 reviews for Swan Lake.
alot of walleys between 13 to 14.5 along the weeds
Caught some very nice sunnies (8-9") here through the ice in the dead of winter. Averaged about 3 an hour. Can't wait to try it when the fish are really moving around. Was very lightly fished.
This has been a tough year on this lake for walleyes. Last 2 years were excellent. I mounted a lb. 4 oz. largemouth about 10 years ago on this sleeper largemouth lake. Walleye numbers are strong, just to many bait fish.
need more parking spaces,day fishing lake, lot of weed flat spots
great for numbers of walleyes.1 keeper for every 15 to 20 undersized fish.no wake in effect this weekend due to high water.might be able to enjoy time on this body of water until levels return to normal.
No Great Size But, Great Multi-Species Lake
Abundant Walleyes, But Don´t Waste Your Time Competing With Pleasure Boaters .
Sleeper Lake For Largemouth Bass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Fishing During The Week. Busy With Pleasure Boating On Weekends. Nice Walleye´s !