Silver Lake Lake Reviews
Columbia County, Wisconsin

There are currently 5 reviews for Silver Lake.
Sorry for the late review, have'nt been on lake link in a while, but I did have a good report/story for you guys, last summer(2006) mid August, I was night fishing at silver doing a little bottom fishing action and I was'nt even set for five minutes and I had a hit, so I set the hook, and attempted to reel her in with my ugly stick, it took me a few minutes but i finally got her in and seen she was a largemouth, and I got the measure tape out and she came out at 24"3/4 big, that was my biggest largemouth ever I have only been fishing a few years. So being the idiot that I am, I do all catch and release, and I had nothing to put her in so I let her go, but if you fish silver you may catch this legend,, This lake truly has some real beauty's. You have to fish her right,
I have gone fishing at Silver Lake numerous times. I have yet to be dissapointed. Just a few weeks ago when swimming int he shallow end I saw a very very big fish. The fish looked like a musky, but since the water was about 4 feet deep, it was hard to distinquish an exact species. I later went at night with a nice big flashlight and saw numerous other fish, including a lot of small bluegill and some huge carp. If you went to check it out, just shine by the bridge. The fish are always present in the shallow end right under the bridge over the road during the night hours. A friend of mine has best luck with leeches at that time, he caught some nice fish.
This little sleeper holds some very big fish. Muskies in the 25-30lb class are present. Largemouths in the 6-7lbs class are there. Fish deep weedlines or shallow lilly-pad beds. Don't let the small size of lake fool you.
During the month of July go on the big side of the lake. Go to the right. Put a malberry on a hook and cast it under the malberry tree. There are some big yellow carp right there.
If You Like To (bow) Fish Come Here. Big Yellow Carp !!!!!