Lazy Lake (Fall R Millpond) Lake Reviews
Columbia County, Wisconsin

There are currently 13 reviews for Lazy Lake (Fall R Millpond).
Fished Lazy this afternoon, got about 10-12 nice bluegills on redworms suspended about 4 feet below the bobber, had to work for them but all were legitimate keepers, hand size or larger. Wind was strong but seemed variable, anywhere from NE to NW.
This Lake is not good at all i came up a ton while it was good now it is not good at all many spots are over fished and polluted. And dont say i dont no the lake because i used to fish it every day when i used to live there.
My all-time favorite lake in Wisconsin. I like to wade fish with a flyrod for 'gills, but you never know what you'll catch, the bass and pike hit flies as well. The river below the dam can be productive for waders with a flyrod as well. Biggest drawback is the weeds, so thick at times I've seen herons walking across the water surface! And when the Lake Assn. does cut weeds, it chokes up the river for a couple days. As with any lake, the more you fish and learn it, the better you do.
Great bass lake for both numbers and size. There are some HUGE largies in Lazy! I like to fish here in early spring. Have had some success up river as well.
I grew up on this lake and have fished it summer and winter. The best bass lake that I have fished.
Great bass lake before its get weed choked big gills also great little lake to take kids open year round.
if you don't know where and when to fish on lazy you aren't going to catch any thing, but if you do wow fish will just jump into your boat or your shanty! (personally i preffer fishing from shore up river from the lake)
Man came up in the summer threw a 12 inch worm and caught 8 6 pound plus bass in 4 days! also caught 2 walleye that were only 13 inches and a musky that was 36! great lake!
Don't know what the last guy was talking about, my dad, uncle, and I, caught our limit in 3 hours. 75 fish in 3 hours, sounds like a good lake to me.
Horrible Lake. Died out the past 2 years. Was an excellent bass and northern lake.
There are big fish in there, but way too many weeds in the summer.
Throw surface baits over the weeds[moss boss ,snagproof frogs]. Caught 3 Sat that way.
Large Gills And Plentiful Bass Up To 4lbs