Mead Lake Lake Reviews
Clark County, Wisconsin

There are currently 17 reviews for Mead Lake.
Shallow lake holds abundant bass and crappie population. Too much traffic on weekends during the summer. This lake is above average in spring and fall, below average in summer due to algae blooms. Great place to teach children bobber fishing for panfish.
Underrated walleye lake with big fish present.Excellent gill and crappie lake with some giants present.One of my favorite lakes in Wi.
This lake gives you the ability to catch many panfish and small crapies. The lake does get very green in the summer though.
Beautiful, may not be the best for swimming, but if you want to get away from boats going up the river/channel is your best best...there are wake rules by the way.
Very good lake for little kids. My dad and I fish it three to four times a year. A lot of little panfish that are easy to catch. We use twister tails and you are almost garunteeded to catch one on every cast.
Catch allot of little crappies but they are small
This lake was and is the most disgusting lake I have ever been in! There was a green slime covering the lake that was like oil. It actually stained my line and some of my baits! Gross!!
Very stained lake. Good for bass, panfish, and some muskies. Possibility of catching a jet skiier on every cast. The only way to fish it is on a cold or rainy day to eliminate traffic.
Fished Mead for the first time today. Great lake! Caught 9 Largemouth. The 1 negative was it has a lot of traffic. Good fishing!
Fished the lake for years. Panfish is good any time of year. Good average size for bass. Possibility of a Musky on every cast. One of the better small lakes.
Largemouth, Walleye, Muskie, And Crappie All Big If You Fish The Right Spots.
We Need To Eliminate The Use Of Jet Skies On The Lake, Or Impose A No Wake Limit In The Channel
Great Largemouth Fishing In Summer With Plastics, Around The Islands.
Great Spring And Early Summer Bass And Musky FISHING.ALSO, Very Underrated For Walleye.
I Think The Lake Has A 2, But Below The Dam Is A 4 For Muskies
Lots Of Weeds, Best To Ice Fish And Hit In The Spring
Not Bad For Ice Fishing, But In Summer Weeds And Algea Are So Thick You Can Allmost Walk Across It