Otter Lake (Brown) Lake Reviews
Chippewa County, Wisconsin

There are currently 17 reviews for Otter Lake (Brown).
For Kevin Machetti. Trolling is illegal in Chippewa County, lucky you did not end up with a ticket. Still a good lake for panfish. Lots of eagles, saw some newly hatched goslings last time there, little ones were running around while the mother was hatching the remaining eggs.
fished it 6 times now this year for bass....trolled around whole lake hitting all the weed beds and shore lines and caught 2 small bass under 14
we kept 50 crappie/bluegills in 2 days good place to fish when the fish are bitting.
Great bass lake; have had good luck on walleye and very good luck on Northern too. Best lake in the area for a good day of fishing, lots of backwaters.
Like Otter for crappies. Have been coming up every other year for 15-18 years. Nice campground with only one bad experience... obnoxios drinkers. Would love to have time to try May or October
my opinion is that this lake is home of the best bass fishing in the midwest hands down. lots of bass and big ones too that are always willing to bite. they can be caught shallow or deep at any time of the year. just wish the panfish was as good as it was 6 years ago.
What an amazing fishery! Great largemouth bass fishing. Use jigs and texas-rigged soft plastics around vertically standing timber for big bass.
This is probably one of the best fishing lakes in the county. Usually fish it once or twice a year for crappies and sunnies and get some real nice ones.
awesome bass and panfish lake. Fish you favorite technique and lure and they'll bite.
Excellent lake for panfish and bass. Carolina rigs and spinnerbaits for bass work great. Lots of structure.
Excellent Largemouth Fishing With Both Plastics And Crankbaits.
Awesome For Panfish And Bass Also Just A Nice Place To Get Away
Great Largemouth Action With Crawlers On The Bottom By The Shore
Great Bass Fishing, Carolina Rigs, And Live Bait Are Really Effective.
Excellent Walleye Lake If You Can Find Them, Big. Crappies And Gills Are Abundant And Good Sized.
Very Abundant And Sometimes Nice Crappies And Sunnies. Lots Of Boat Landings. Good Fishing Lake.
Great Bass Action, Good Panfish, Walleyes Are Slowing Down And Northerns Are Coming On.