Lake Hallie, Lake Hallie 2 Lake Reviews
Chippewa County, Wisconsin

There are currently 16 reviews for Lake Hallie, Lake Hallie 2.
Seen plenty of small panfish. Very weedy, but alot of bass. Caught 5 small bass and one 18 inch.
This lake has HUGE largemouths and northerns but in my opinion it is not a panfishing lake the bluegills and crappies are pretty small theres too many small ones!
caught a bunch of gills most of them border line keeping size. saw a northern and a huge sturgeon on my camera through the ice
over fished....need to loose the motor boats....needs to be weeded.... and lake has been cleaned of trophies...1 crappie in entire lake....possible needed to be dredged a little deeper for weeds to clear out...
Great place for largemouth. Buddy and I cought 40 largemouth on opening day in 5 hours. Also caught my personal best 21 inch 5lb. largmouth out of there last year. The only problem is the weeds get thick quickly.
I live 1/4 mile from this lake. Fish it quite often. Plenty of pan fish to go around. Could stand to loose a few blue gills for growth. Nice bass and northern. Better bass fishing at or after dark. Need to drag about 5 tons of weeds out. Then you might be able to find a wall mounter.
Love this little lake....nonstop action for northern on tip-ups during the winter with potential in catching a HUGE northern due to the stocked trout they get to feed on!
Great place to catch nice sized crappies. Best to fish the south-side on overcast days. The lake gets weedy during late summer.
Looks bad smells bad and full of weeds! This lake does hold trophy Northern and largemouth also plenty of bluegill. I lived on the lake for a few years and the best fishing is in the spring before the weeds overtake the lake and great for northern in the winter. Look out for the springs!
Have an annual this body of water often...numbers of bluegills needs to be greatly reduced and lake needs to be de-weeded by at least 50%.
Three fish over 12 pounds in a half hour in the same place!
Tons of weeds but if you rip down deep you'll get your trophy northern or bass.
Some Large Nothern, 12+ Lbs, I Caught 36 Inch This Fall.
Very Weedy, Lots Of Small Fish, Good Place 4 Kids
This Lake Has More Small Fish Than Any Other In The Area, Go Tip Up For Northerns
Has Some Nice Bass, Sunnies And Crappies. Weed Choked And Hard To Launch Sometimes.