Bluff Lake Lake Reviews
Burnett County, Wisconsin

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The name Bluff Lake in Burnett County Wisconsin and the family name Lisk go together in history. If the Bluff Lake map is enlarged a little, it is noticed that Lisk Road is close. Actually, although I am now 78 years old, I am the third John Lisk with Bluff Lake in my past. John C. Lisk, my grandfather, John W. Lisk, my father, and me (John C. Lisk again)all lived on the shores of Bluff Lake and enjoyed the great fishing it offers. Although I was a city boy from Neenah, Wisconsin, I spent my summers (in the first half of the 1940's) with my grandparents who had homesteaded 360 acres that included the western shore of Bluff Lake. My uncle, Earl Lisk, my dad's youngest brother, then owned and farmed most of the original homestead, so I was privileged to be a farm boy