Birch Island Lake Lake Reviews
Burnett County, Wisconsin

There are currently 5 reviews for Birch Island Lake.
I have fished this lake for 7 years. Recently we caught 98 fish in 15 hours of fishing (Sat & Sun). Mostly Pike (all ranging from 18" to 32") but we caught a 20 inch 3.5 lbs large mouth. Last year we caught many pike 36 - 40 inches. I have seen friends in the last two years catch several 5 lb + Largemouth and they are my women friends not the guys. Great lake for active catching with occasional big fish to be caught. If you are looking for bigger fish definetly better lakes for Muskie.Great for your kids because if they can cast they will have action....
Very good largemouth bass lake. Caught a 3 pound largemouth bass in 2005.
lakes shallow and full of weeds. buch of tiny northerns to be caught, there are better fishing lakes than this in the area for sure
lake is horrible fishing. maybe an occasional nice fish, but very rare and far between. This lake is a swamp.
Sleeper Big Bass Lake, Taken Numerous 5 Pounders.