Fox River (Depere) Lake Reviews
Brown County, Wisconsin

There are currently 8 reviews for Fox River (Depere).
What a fun fishing hole! Granted, the run for Walleyes was on, so that made it fairly exciting. It was busy, but not competitive.
last time I fished it 185 Walleys 2 guys all released.
The Fox river provides excellent Walleye action every spring and fall, and the average size is greater than anywhere else I have ever been. Try the Fox, you will not regret it!
Very good Smallie fishing, hooked in to some muskies, a very good multi species river
I live right by the river and fish from shore every day in the summer for rough fish. Walleye fish the river heavy in the spring catch a lot over 20 inches. I believe the next state record will come out of this water.
it was a good rive a lot of people aroud us were cathcing fish and so was i i cought 3 walleyes nice river but dirtey water
You can't ask for better walleye fishing.If you violate I will have you busted!Snagging is illegal and keeping short fish is wrong!Those who snagg watch out I am watching you!
When your timing is right, the is no finer Walleye river in the Midwest. Numerous eyes are caught every spring and fall with an average size of over 20 inches, with true trophies very common.