Namekagon Lake Lake Reviews
Bayfield County, Wisconsin

There are currently 16 reviews for Namekagon Lake.
I love this lake. I come to the awesome Four Seasons Resort on the lake every year with family. The fishing is amazing, I caught two 19 inch northern and a 20 inch northern. I caught a 17 inch walleye, a 15 and a half inch walleye, and a a 8 inch walleye. I caught some crappie, some perch, and tons of nice size bluegill. Its a great lake for watersports too. The Four Seasons Resort is a must stay on this lake.
alot of big musky and northern, I missed 2 musky the first time fishing their and it was out of a paddle boat
Fished this lake in about '04 or '05. I don't think we gave it a real fair trial because too new to area fishing. Caught lots of hammer handles, had one real nice smallie on but jumped at boat and got off ( would have CPR anyway). Tried for muskie but no luck. This is too big a lake for one week. I going back to Vilas county and fish VV. much easier to fish.
great big crappies in this lake
had house on this lake for 10 years and went fishing alot but only caught small snakes and muskies with guide, lake is speared VERY HEAVILY heard u culd of gotten ur limit of walleyes off your pier before indians started spearing nd now you have to go 30 ft down for them nd they may not be there..even the local walleye guide had trouble.
Meant to put 4 stars...not one!!!
Fished Namakagon for a week. Caught a 42" muskie and thought the lake was beautiful. Didn't catch many fish though. Some small northern and only a few bass and walleye. Maybe we caught a bad week.
My dad started taking me to Namakagon in 1963. Fishing was awesome until the late 70's, early 80's. Walleye fishing has plummeted ever since. DNR says it is the big homes ruining the habitat...they don't have the guts to mention the spear fishing that began 20 years ago. Bluegill fishing can still be excellent at times.
The fishing was hot this weekend.Alot of walleyes in the lower 20" range.Also got 3 northern over 36".Colored suckers are the answer.You got to put some cormeal that has been colored with foodcoloring into your minow bucket they feed on it and over a 2 day period they turn the suckers to a new color,red or orange really seem to work best.Adding a little food color to the water in your bucket helps as well.Out fishes normal colored minnows 10 to 1. Works with waxworms as well for pan fish.
Great Northen Pike Fishing, Nice Walleye Population, Great Lake To Fish And Relax.
Spring And Fall Provide Good Northern Fishing. A Dedicated Muskie Fisherman Will Also Have Luck.
I´ve Taken Or Seen A 40" Muskie Each Year. The Fishing Has Gone Downhill Each Year Though.
Fish Were Like Vitamins 1 A Day. Liked The Layout And The Resorts On The Lake
I´ve Lived Here For 40 Years And The Fishing Has Gone Downhill Since Day One.
We Have Been Comming Up To This Lake For 8 Years. We Originally Just Threw A Dart
Good Walleye Population And Becomes Prime Muskie Water In Late Summer!