Mud (Ojaski) Lake Lake Reviews
Barron County, Wisconsin

There are currently 4 reviews for Mud (Ojaski) Lake.
This is a real muddy lake with OK fishing , there are other lakes on the chain with better water.. at the end of summer the algae die off makes this lake STINK !!!! so don't buy a cabin here.
Had a great time fishing Ojaski. I went up to catch my trophy Northern, and I got it. This lake can't be beat.
I have a seasonal cabin on Ojaski lake. I love the lake for its beauty and serenity. Its basically a fishing lake with not a lot of motor boating or jet skiing. I like the fact that Ojaski is connected with four other lakes which can be accessed by boat. Would recommend a vacation on Ojaski lake.
VERY shallow, muddy (hence the nickname) and stumpy lake. Didn't get any bass as I expected last June, but we hooked into a bunch of large, palm sized Bluegills spawning in shallow water along shore w/ wax worms.