Mason Lake Lake Reviews
Adams County, Wisconsin

There are currently 25 reviews for Mason Lake.
Terrible lake with small gills.Lots of pressure and its simply a bad lake.Smells like crap in summer.Worst lake in the area
Excellent panfish factory with size and numbers.Tungsten jigs work well.
Did ok on crappie out here during the summer. Hopefully there are some left to pull through the ice. Where did all the gills go?
good day on the water considering there was a tournament I didnt know about. 17 bass and 3 follow ups. water temp between 57 and 60
A great weekend get-away lake. Fished Mason when i was a teenager in the 80's and now go there as a Dad with my son.
Terrible swamp type lake that gets lots of pressure.Jordan lake 7 miles north is 100 times better
Quality gills and numbers ,fish the stumps withpurple or smoke mini-mites.......
Good northern and musky fishing if you know where to go. Lots of panfish to be caught. Very fun.
go here evry year catch lots of gills crappies perch bass caught my biggest bass here about 6.5lbs and i caught a couple perch about 12 in
Humunges bass and Northern pike up 40+ inches and bass well over 22inch
Not as weedy as some make it sound. There is not one spot that is unfishable. Once you learn how to fish this lake you will find big bass and lots of perch and panfish. I have fished alot of lakes and this is by far the best fishery in central to south wisconsin.
Mason Lake is a Swamp. Last year I launched (for a fee) and proceeded to clean my prop 20 times before I reached a channel wide enough to move thru. It reminded me of The African Queen movie thru the marshes.Caught one nice Bass 6 years ago and one Northern 5 years, it's the dead sea. It appears as tho nobody cares about this once vibrant lake. I saw no dredges while I was there. If the scum covers the water this year like it did last....there won't be any way large fish will be able to survive. Go to Jordan Lake to the North...better fishing
This is a very good lake for panfish, bass, and northern once you learn how to fish it. I have been fishing this lake for 12 years now and almost always have good luck. I have caught musky northern and bass.
Me and my dad ice fish there a lot and there is always a lot of panfish out there, you can catch a huge amount of bluegills and perch, and there is also a large population of Pike. But you must be careful because in some spots the water is very very shallow, you can actually see stumps sticking out of the ice.
I have a trailer at a campgrounds on Mason lake, Excellent panfish near weedlines (good luck finding that), stumpfields are a wonderful spot for some big ole bass. I've fished alot of Wisconsin lakes, and make Mason Lake uor weedend hideaway!
This is the the best lake by far if you are looking for a lot of bluegill through the ice.
Bluegills are plentiful here. There are alot of Largemouths in shallow areas near downed trees and swampy areas, but most seem to lie out of baitcasting range, so be patient if you're looking for Bass. Never seen a muskie, sturgeon, or northern on this lake yet, but I have been told that if you do catch one, the size of them will be worth all the time you spent looking for one. NOTE: VERY VERY weedy, but shallow. Spend some time looking for one of the few clear spots in the lake to cast into, and you'll have your limit on bluegills in 30 minutes!
One of the best smaller lakes in Wisconsin for bluegills (They're everywhere here). Bring tackle and bait that is good at getting through ALOT of weeds though.
mason lake is the best lake for fishing other than fishing the mississippi river
Ice Fish The Lake Every Weekend, Just Love The Bass, Northern And Panfish! Weeds-No Problem On Ice
This Is The Best Lake In Wisconsin. It Has Good Fish And Is Alot Of Fun
Very Very Weedy Lake Hard To Fish But Can Produce Some Nice Fish
When The Lake Is On It On. When It´s Not It´s Not.
This Is The Weediest Lake I Have Ever Been Too! Nice Campground, Though!
Good Panfishing! Decent Bass Fishing On North Shore. Nice Crappies!