Castle Rock Lake Lake Reviews
Adams County, Wisconsin

There are currently 21 reviews for Castle Rock Lake.
Fished the the shallows by petenwell dam on the river portion for muskies, i was throwing the ty sennett pacemaker i had 3 follows and none of them were to committ, one was a giant while others were in the 40-45inch range. I only know two spots on the whole system in regards to petenwell and castle rock lake, does anyone know other area this time of year to produce any other fish? Thanks!
Outstanding walleye fishery with 30+ inchers present.Huge spring crappie in Kleins creek.Whitebass are huge and abundant.
Great lake but if you dont know it get a guide and i recommend JESSE QUALE of Green Water Walleye guide srevice.He knows this body of water better then anyone and he is one of the best anglers in the Midwest.
Great place to be..
Been out a few small eyes what's a good trolling speed on. The rock
Fished the Rock a few times and always catch a lot of fish. Great for bring out the kids for good action
Great all around lake for the whole family. Vast area for all outdoor enthusiasts, endless photo opportunities, exceptional fishing for all ages, numerous campgrounds and accessible shoreline campsites for the willing adventurers.
One of the best fishing lakes in wisconsin also 4th largest inland lake in wisconsin too.
Fished Castle Rock late January and caught some exceptional perch (12-15 inches). I have fished all over the U.S. for perch and walleye and the perch I pulled from that lake were amoung the best. Key is finding them and using proper bait. Took a while to conquer however when you do fishing is fanominal.
Caught some monster smallmouth bass on the main lake. The backwaters are weedy and never hold fish. I really like the walleye fishing that this lake offers.
greatest party lake in north america....coolies,cut off jean shorts,mustaches and 80's music make a great day in the fun sun.
It is a beautiful lake, but the increase in wave runners and powerful, large boats is sure adding to the noise, and detracting from good fishing.
Smallies Numerous But Small. White Bass Not As Good As I Once Remember
This Lake Is Very Beautiful And It Has Great Fish!!!!
River Channel Go To The Edges
Killer Eye Lake,big Crappies Too
Great Fishing Lake.
Winter Water Is Hard.
Always A Good TRIP.......GREAT Walleye Fishing !!!
Great Producer Of Smallmouth And Walleyes And Crappies. Lindy Rigs And Slip Bobbers Work The Best.
Can Catch Almost Any Species Here, Had A Ball, Can´t Wait To Return.