Amey Pond Photos
Adams County, Wisconsin

Jason Hervas - My daughter’s 2nd Musky on The Bay!
Jason Hervas
Ryan  Hoover - Caught this tank on a J-13 crank bait in the Racine harbor!
Ryan Hoover
Blazej szumilo
Blazej szumilo
Christopher Thompson
Christopher Thompson
Phil Russell
Phil Russell
Ryan Bouffiou - Teagan caught this beautiful Brown while fishing with me for walleyes.
This is a fish of a life time for a 7 year old.
What an amazing moment for him!

Ryan Bouffiou
Derek Manders
Derek Manders
Anthony Caduto - SE Wisc river smallmouth
Anthony Caduto
Jon - My oldest daughter with a 12 5 salmon 
Thats her biggest one so far came on a 10 color that she reeled in by her self
ryan stoychoff
ryan stoychoff
Ryan Hakes - Sarahs first King Salmon on Lake Michigan!
Ryan Hakes
Ella Kmichik
Ella Kmichik
Buck White - Nice catch for the boy!
Buck White
Tim schreiter
Tim schreiter
Don Kast - Caught and released at Vulcan lake in Three Oaks Rec in Crystal Lake
Don Kast
Anthony Caduto - Nice river smallmouth from the kayak
Anthony Caduto
Jay Johnson - Caught at a private lake using a plastic craw.
Jay Johnson
Paul Evers
Paul Evers
Mark & Hansen
Mark & Hansen
Hunter  Kaehler
Hunter Kaehler
Anthony Caduto - Fox river smallmouth
Anthony Caduto
Kurt Kopetsky  - Girlfriends 1st salmon
Kurt Kopetsky
Al Rose - Caught this muskie walleye fishing with the grandkids.
Al Rose
Kollin  Mangan - School is out and time to fish!!
Bass caught on a wacky worm in the Sheboygan River.
Kollin Mangan
Keith  Mangan - Bass caught on a top water bait in the Sheboygan River
Keith Mangan
Jeff Reichert - Big fish winner!
Jeff Reichert
Nolan Van Dunk - 18 3/4 inch bass caught on a swim jig. One of my biggest ever. Didn’t have a scale
Nolan Van Dunk
Kevin Damitz - Big brookie
Kevin Damitz
Terri Dennison - Out on lLe michigan 1st trip of the year got to catch this nice King 
 Me and me king on left.
Terri Dennison
Jake  Budish
Jake Budish
Kevin  Seibert - Granddaughter Kaylan was proud of her first bluegill
Kevin Seibert
jeffrey Potter
jeffrey Potter
Bill Rosenau - Another great day of fishing on Lake Michigan!! What a great fight@@
Bill Rosenau
Jay Johnson - Caught this big Bluegill from a private pond on a 1 Gulp Minnow.
Jay Johnson
Rick Bekielewski - First fish on my self made custom rod.
Rick Bekielewski
Jon - Caught this on lake michigan couple years back 26.5 pounds 
Put up a very nice fight
Kunbon Huber - Caught on a swimbait at Mississippi point park
Kunbon Huber
Michael  Wisconsin
Michael Wisconsin
Luke Kimball - Trout Camp 2018
Luke Kimball
Autumn  Gately  - The look on my face says it all!
Autumn Gately
Raymond  Stevens  - Catch, photo & release
Lake Michigan
Raymond Stevens
Allen Doering - Devin (12) capturing his first Northern on a tip up!  This was at the Shioctin Oxbow.
Allen Doering
Hayden Haberichter - Out trout fishing with the boys
Hayden Haberichter
Michael  Wadel - Jackson and Cadence Wadel with different reactions to their fish!
Michael Wadel
Sherie Mucha - Rainy day trout
Sherie Mucha
Hayden Haberichter - First steelhead Ive ever caught, got it a few weeks back on the root river
Hayden Haberichter
Cristina Narvaez
Cristina Narvaez
Anthony  Richter - Green Bay caught and released on a zip lure
Anthony Richter
William Thies - My kids enjoying some spring time gills
William Thies
Mike  Bauer - My 5 year son Henry caught his first walleye on the wolf river.
Mike Bauer
Chad Micoley
Chad Micoley
Isaiah Daniel - First big bass of the spring.
Isaiah Daniel
Emma Moseley - Nice brown trout on lake michigan
Emma Moseley
Ray Beattie - Kyle Beattie with his 28” walleye caught in the Peshtigo River in Marinette County
Ray Beattie
Kevin Damitz - Nice Lake Michigan brown
Kevin Damitz
Jackson Wadel - A little catch and release on a beautiful day!
Jackson Wadel
Max  Peters - Giant Muskie in Fox River, Waukesha County
Max Peters
Tate Peters - Aggressive Brown on the Root
Tate Peters
Max Peters - Root River Rainbow
Max Peters
Robert Firkus
Robert Firkus
Mark Cassidy jr. - Speared on Lake Winnebago
Mark Cassidy jr.
Joe Witt - Carson crappie fishing
Joe Witt
Michael Wadel - Dinner!
Michael Wadel
Matt Kuhn - My daughter and 6 month pregnant wife out fishing for perch on tip downs caught this nice pike that we released since the season was closed.
Matt Kuhn
Hunter Dalsoren
Hunter Dalsoren
LAURIE SIEBERT - Not the biggest catch, but a fun one!
On Lake Winnebago.....
Andy Laurin
Andy Laurin
Kevin Revolinski - Not quite the walleye I was looking for.
Kevin Revolinski
Eric Nevison - Her first fish!
Eric Nevison
jim danel - LOL biggest shad
Ive seen
jim danel
Scott Poplawski Says
Scott Poplawski Says
Lance McCue - Jigging rap, released
Lance McCue
Mike Bakke - Late eyes for wife and I
Mike Bakke
Daniel Carlson - Caught at summer fest grounds on job and tube.
Daniel Carlson
Tom Luehring  - Bull gills on a small Green Lake County lake
Tom Luehring
Gary Staszak - Nice pike
Gary Staszak
Dave Rohde
Dave Rohde
John Ladick - Big Plastics for Monster Pike!
John Ladick
Chris Weier - Andy Weier holds up this awesome 32 Coho salmon he caught in the Manitowoc river for a quick photo.  The fish hit on a small crankbait.
Chris Weier
Joe Mueller
Joe Mueller
Michael  Nelson - Huge sturgeon on Wisconsin Dells dam
Michael Nelson
jim danel - Ice fishing
jim danel
Jim Severson - Spawned out Northern.  Took picture and released.
Jim Severson
Jake  Tschirgi  - Speared on Lake Winnebago. 65.3 73.4 lbs.
Jake Tschirgi
Brandon Cooper - First Winnebago Eye through the ice!
Brandon Cooper
Hank rozhon
Hank rozhon
Andy  Johnson - This big brown was caught in Milwaukee Harbor on a spawn sac.
Andy Johnson
Michael Wadel - Boy vs. Girl ??
Michael Wadel
jim danel - 2 perch -11 and 12 inch
jim danel
george mara - caught on a golden roach tip up, farm pond
george mara
Andy Weier - Andy caught and released this 32 Coho Salmon while fishing steelhead last fall on the Manitowoc river.  The fish hit on a small flourescent colored crankbait.
Andy Weier
Pat Grzadzielewski - Was able to catch this with my son by my side. Biggest one we have gotten together!
Pat Grzadzielewski
Dale Lutze
Dale Lutze
Kevin Damitz - Big door county bows!!!
Kevin Damitz
Peter Esser
Peter Esser
Christopher Kneiser - Pulled the biggest pike of my life through the ice on my last trip out before going back to college.
Christopher Kneiser
Phil Russell
Phil Russell
Kevin  Smith - Ice fishn nephew
Kevin Smith
carl randall
carl randall
Jeff  Hughes
Jeff Hughes
Tim Haag - Caught on jig and minnow. Released.
Tim Haag
Mark Van Dreel - Jason and Mark on Lake Michigan
Mark Van Dreel
Shirley Nehls
Shirley Nehls
Curr Pearthree - First CoHo!!
Curr Pearthree
James Scott
James Scott
Rick Lemmens - This was caught on Lake Superior jigging with 3 oz. jig and spinning rod 90 f o w
Rick Lemmens
Chee Thao
Chee Thao
Tyler  Pearthree - Tylers largest to date..
Tyler Pearthree
Rob Nelson - Proud of his first fish.
Rob Nelson
Terry Nussbaumer - my daughter got 30 inch Norther Pike by her shelf
Terry Nussbaumer
Ed Bowman - Caught on jig pole,  CPR.
Ed Bowman
Ronald  Kurdas - Lake Michigan Rainbow Trout
Ronald Kurdas
Shawn Lamers
Shawn Lamers
phil russell
phil russell
keith puckett
keith puckett
Kirk Charipar - Mississippi River
Kirk Charipar
Edward Lambert - They had a pro bass tournament, and a pro bass fished some down logs and left I pulled in and caught these 2 guys minutes afterwards
Edward Lambert
Dick Larsen - Caught on 6 pound braid with 10 pound leader in 20’ of water
Dick Larsen
Dean Schwarten - Mississippi River at Genoa Dam.
Dean Schwarten
DAVID FISENNE - lake michigan, caught on Poseidon fly.
Tom Albrecht - King of the River
Tom Albrecht
Butch Levandowski - Happy little sauger
Butch Levandowski
Mac McGuire - Old School photo 1970 brothers Mickey & Howie McGuire with a stringer of Black Crappie from the lower fox river .  I was happy to witness this great morning wetting a line with my dad and uncle.  This Memory will last forever. Mac McGuire
Mac McGuire
Marshall Wuensch - 12 year old Riley with a 16 pool 8 Sauger, caught on a jig and Prescott Bait Company Mini Fluke
Marshall Wuensch
Corey Bennett - Jeremiah Stieber with a rainbow trout caught at a Merrill PD Cops n Bobbers event. This event paired officers and volunteers with special needs children for fishing at Silver Moon Springs trout hatchery. HUNDREDS of fish were caught! What a great day and what a great experience for everyone!
Corey Bennett
Scott Joles - Beautiful day to be on the boat!
Scott Joles
Tony Caduto - Small Racine unnamed quarry on a 4 inch zoom fluke and 3/32 black jig head.
Tony Caduto
Dale Powers - Beautiful fall colored bluegill in Mississippi River  Slough..along the dike road between Nelson, Wi. and Wabasha, MN..Beautiful time of for a life time...
Dale Powers
Greg A Zimmer - My personal best salmon.
Greg A Zimmer
Tracy Ellingson - My youngest, Brandon age 7, caught this large mouth bass while at Goose Island County Park in Lacrosse, WI. First time fishing on the Mississippi River!
Tracy Ellingson
James Addison
James Addison
S My - Teaching my son to enjoy the outdoors while respecting nature by catching and releasing.
S My
Jay Johnson - Smallmouth Bass from a private lake. 
17 1/2 long. Caught on a crankbait.
Jay Johnson
Glenn  Wellman - Arms not long enough for a good selfie
Glenn Wellman
Bridget McGuire - Personal Best 28.5 Walleye Trolling Winnebago .....
Bridget McGuire
george mara
george mara
Craig Ehrfurth - Lots of fun
Craig Ehrfurth
Bob shea - 27lbs and 29lbs
Bob shea
Daniel Wall - Caught 27 sheepshead on a night crawler on the Bay of Green Bay.
Daniel Wall
Adam Robakowski - Caught in Milwaukee just off the filter in 75 FOW
Adam Robakowski
Hayden Corson - Caught on a KVD Crawfish Bait
Hayden Corson
Melissa Beyer - Jumbo perch with worms in the suamico river.
Melissa Beyer
CHRISTOPHER - My personal best brown
Craig Polchow - Hailees first big catch
Craig Polchow
Jay Johnson - My son caught this Bluegill on a 3 Tube Jig at a Private Pond. Was actually 9.5 long.
Jay Johnson
mike Mccormick
mike Mccormick
Jory Simmons
Jory Simmons
Anthony  Maniaci  - #18 chinook caught off oak creek
On Lake Michigan
Anthony Maniaci
dan wight
dan wight
michael Lawrence - Biggest bass out of the Wisconsin river I have ever seen.
michael Lawrence
Ben Walczyk - A heck of a start to the KD Salmon Tournament for my wife!
Ben Walczyk
Toni Jensen
Toni Jensen
Gail Thon - Biggest Rainbow Trout of the day in the Salmonarama Tournament which includes all of Lake Michigan.
Gail Thon
Joseeph  Jaeger - 11 year olds first chinook in Lake Michigan.
Joseeph Jaeger
Darci Wilkinson - Steve Arndt
Darci Wilkinson
Robert Winkler - Lake michigan
Robert Winkler
Trey Malnory - Bluegill caught on Sheboygan County pond using hook and crawler.
Trey Malnory
CLAYTON BODOH - Brown trout C,P, Red
Kameron White - Channel cat caught in De Pete on the Fox River in June of this year.
Kameron White
Cole Bee - I caught my first sauger. It was amazing. I was in awe. I thought it was just a blue gill messing with me. Low key wanted a walleye, but still great. I had a Dr.Pepper this time.
Cole Bee
 Bob Kazmierski  - Fishing with my brother,
Bob Kazmierski
tom biga - 4th of July Cat, released obviously
tom biga
Kevin Henke - Caught by my wife- Sue.
Kevin Henke
Fisherman Jones - Hawgertons
Fisherman Jones
Joshua Green - Just moved up from tennessee caught my first wisconsin largemouth
Joshua Green
Charles Domke - Fox River
Charles Domke
John li - Released!
John li
Brad  Ronsman
Brad Ronsman
Steve Recha
Steve Recha
Anthony Jacobson - Last trout for #3 in a hole we call the last run-off at about 2pm...caught a couple around 8 inches and this one hit ! ...just one of those bites if you are a trout fisherman that you just know its big ! ...about a 5 minute fight in rapids until my buddy got him in the net !
Anthony Jacobson
Cory Hiller - 10 lbs 11 oz Lake Michigan Rainbow Trout caught near Port Washington.
Cory Hiller
Annette Toniazzo
Annette Toniazzo
Jared Dable - Big bluegill
Jared Dable
Delander  Rodgers  - Beautiful!
Delander Rodgers
MAX CULP - Taking advantage of the stocking program put on by the DNR in Lapham Peak Park on Lapo pond. I had the sounds of the Summer stage 80s rock concert on one side of me and a curious deer on the other. It made for a beautiful start to summer.
Danny  Sinner - Getting my buddy set up to fish for life!
Danny Sinner
Billy Warrick
Billy Warrick
Alex  Kaminski - Urban pond bass
Alex Kaminski
Mike Milosch
Mike Milosch
Michael  Deushane  - Dog fish at Emiquion
Michael Deushane