St Croix Flowage (Gordon), Douglas County

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12/24/15 @ 9:24 PM
USER since 9/17/09

Waxing Gibbous
I talked to a guy I know that lives in Minong today and he indicated they received 3-4 inches of snow. Thats all he said...doesnt fish so no information on ice conditions. Im heading up there Sunday morning so I hope the ice is walkable.

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12/24/15 @ 5:08 PM
USER since 4/18/12
Hey guys!! tis the season and all that. Has anyone ventured out or have a report on some of the other little pot holes in this neck of the woods? Ill be in the rip roarin town of barnes for the next 5 days and from the sounds of things the snow really screwed things up. Im willing to travel and hour or so from barnes to find some decent ice.

Frankly i dont much care if i catch a whole lot. Just got get my ice itch scratched.

Thanks in advance

Stay safe and good fishin!!


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2/12/15 @ 7:58 AM
Mudd Puppy
Mudd Puppy
USER since 10/7/02
Coming up next weekend to fish for Gills, any tips would be helpfull. Do not want your spots, just want to know if they are on the chew or not. Thanks Set the hook!

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