Rolling Stone Lake, Langlade County

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5/18/16 @ 4:24 PM
Flyrod Man
Flyrod Man
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Waxing Gibbous


76° - 80° F

46° - 50° F

What a day.  Was using a wet fly and caught 10 inch crappies.  I don't keep crappie.  The lake was calm and there was  a tremendous mayfly hatch all over the lake, they covered me.  Noticed fish rising and taking them.  Put on a dry fly and the gills blew my mind.  Could have taken a limit but I never do, just a meal for two.  All gills 8-10 and bull's, no females.  Those big gills always dive down into the weeds and get stuck.  Have to relax rod so they swim free and pull.  Lots of LM/Bass in shallows but not taking.  Saw a couple Northerns just lying on the bottom.  Lake water is very cold but the mayfly's did it.

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9/10/14 @ 12:41 PM
lund lover
lund lover
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My wife and I are planning on coming up to Antigo for a few days of fishing on Rolling Stone Lake. What is biting and what is the weed situation. Any info would be helpful. Lund Lover

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