September is here, and to me, that means fall. The start of hunting seasons across the state, and the fishing starts to get really good again. You can find a lot of water to yourself if you decide to drop the boat in. The walleyes are doing one thing right now, chasing food! This time of year the perch are hanging over the soft bottom areas in the lakes. The walleyes will be close behind them on a feeding frenzy. I like to troll spinners with crawlers, or smaller crankbaits through these bait balls and the fish will be biting. I locate these bait balls by watching my fishing graph and you will see the bottom transition from hard to soft bottom, and then the big bait balls will show up. I have found out that you need to be within 1-2 feet of the bottom to get consistent bites and fish. I like to match the hatch the majority of time, but I am always switching colors to find the most productive one. You will also find northern pike mixed in, and sometimes you will find some real nice sized ones as well. Take good notes of the depth and area you're catching fish, and work over those areas back and forth as that is where the active feeding pod of fish are at. Good luck fishing and remember, introduce someone new into the outdoors. They will appreciate it for a lifetime.