Two Snake N/pike. Crappies, small, 6-7 inches-where are they? And Bluegills, 8 inches, plus, but all females with very hard eggs, in the weeds, 6-8 feet of water. All returned. The gills are not on beds yet and it will be a week at least, if at all. If the winds don't stop they wont bed at all, and water is still cold because of night temps. Was on U/Post yesterday and got some nice perch and crappies throwing at the edges of lily pads. Crappie were empty and scattered, must have just got off the beds. Got the word from friends in Vilas Cty, crappies still have eggs on the deeper lakes. I think this might be what is happening on Moose-they didn't bed, to late now. The small ones I am catching are males. I hate the constant winds. Impossible to work a area. Anyone else doing anything exciting on Moose?