French Slough, La Crosse County

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9/6/15 @ 9:46 PM
USER since 4/6/07
"10-15 inches, perfect eater size..." Hopefully you're not keeping any Walleyes smaller than 15 inches as that would be illegal. 15 inches minimum on the river.

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9/6/15 @ 6:55 PM
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Hurry the walleyes are on the move and you don't want to miss them. They have been traveling throughout the French slough and part's of the Black and Mississippi river although your going to have to find the fish. Once you found one you found them all. They are traveling in schools near the docks on the Black river and French slough they may be hard to find but as soon as you get one you will be able to catch one every single cast! Its only around this time of year that they travel in big school i caught 4 in a row casting into the docks by the boat landing in the French slough, they were around 10-15 inches, perfect eating size!!!!!!!!!!! if you looking for trophy walleyes then you are out of luck they are not going to be in these schools BUT... you may catch some 20-25 inches. this all mostly takes place in the French slough use a Rapala husky jerk with a red head and green body for the walleye you probably will catch some large-mouth bass with it.

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12/21/12 @ 8:36 PM
Gill '97
Gill '97
USER since 12/21/12
How the ice out here? Really want to get out this weekend so just wondering.

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