The Fang w/ Weed Guard by King Cole Baits

The Fang w/ Weed Guard by King Cole Baits
Any cover... no hangup's....
This innovative jig gets its lifelike look from a variety of unique features. The large, bright eyes can be seen from any angle and really set this jig apart from all others.

Widely spaced, free-floating rattle chambers are positioned away from the hook to maintain the Fang's weedless qualities while increasing physical contact and generating more sound. The structure-proof taper on the multi-colored head provides a standup base and gives the lure its natural look while at rest. The heads match the silicone skirts in all of the 8 color patterns creating a cohesive, realistic presentation.

This jig is ideal for flipping and pitching situations, as well as using it as a swimming lure imitating an injured baitfish or fleeing crawfish.

If your going after big bass in the thickest cover, this skirted jig should be your first choice. Ideal for use in rocks, wood, or weeds, The Fang is the finest weedless standup jig on the market. Its unique design incorporates a tapered head which allows the jig to be fished in the heaviest cover without snagging... always landing in a standup position.

Savings up to 47%


Black/Blue/Purple - 1/2 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Black/Pumpkin/Chartreuse - 1/4 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Blue - 1/2 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Blue - 3/8 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Blue Pumpkin/Green Pumpkin - 1/2 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Brown/Orange - 1/2 $1.99 $1.59
Brown/Orange - 3/8 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Green Melon/Blue Pumpkin - 1/2 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Green Melon/Blue Pumpkin - 3/8 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Purple/Green Pumpkin - 1/2 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Purple/Green Pumpkin - 1/4 oz. $1.99 $1.59
Purple/Green Pumpkin - 3/8 oz. $1.99 $1.59
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