Spi'N'Spoon - Single Colorado by King Cole Baits

Spi'N'Spoon - Single Colorado by King Cole Baits
Two Classic Lures Combined to Form One Exciting Presentation...
This patented lure was designed to combine the fish attracting qualities of a spinenrbait with the triggering action of a wobbling spoon. It comes with a super sharp Mustad treble hook or a weedless single hook. Top-of-the-line predators including Bass, Musky, and Northern Pike haven´t seen, heard, or felt a bait with such distinctive and irresistible vibration patterns. Our heavily lacquered blades resist chipping and oxidation. Spi´N´Spoon is perfect for every condition: clear water of early spring and fall, warm summer water, deep water, stained or dirty water, and heavy cover.

This version allows faster retrieval to maintain the correct depth in the water column. It also excels in areas of submerged vegetation because it slides easily through the cover. This will be the lure of choice when you want to wake the surface at a faster rate to provoke reaction strikes.

This single blade version allows the lure to be presented very slowly for inactive or lethargic predators. Use it anytime the water temperature or activity level dictates a slow presentation. The slow, thumping vibration of the Colorado blade and the erratic wobbling of the spoon create an irresistible combination that looks like an easy meal. It is especially efective in clear water situations of early spring and fall.

  • 1/4 oz three color head with high- quality silicone skirt
  • Heavy-duty casting spoon with erratic side-to-side action
  • Single Colorado blade
  • High performance stainless steel ball bearing swivel by Worth
  • Supersharp Mustad treble hook or weedless single hook
Savings up to 48%


* Black (treble) $3.49 $3.09
Black (weedless) $3.49 $3.09
* Brass Chartreuse/White (treble) $3.49 $3.09
* Brass Chartreuse/White (weedless) $3.49 $3.09
* Chartreuse/Orange (treble) $3.49 $3.09
Chartreuse/Orange (weedless) $3.49 $3.09
Firetiger (treble) $3.49 $3.09
Firetiger (weedless) $3.49 $3.09
* Nickle Red/White (treble) $3.49 $3.09
Nickle Red/White (weedless) $3.49 $3.09
* White (treble) $3.49 $3.09
White (weedless) $3.49 $3.09
Wild Shiner (treble) $3.49 $3.09
Wild Shiner (weedless) $3.49 $3.09
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