Mossy Oak Yazoo 2 52-inch Shotgun Case

Mossy Oak Yazoo 2 52-inch Shotgun Case
This Mossy Oak Yazoo 2 52-inch Shotgun Case has a rugged, lightweight 100 percent polyester Endura 600D exterior. It is both stylish and also works hard to protect your gun from scratches and exterior damage. With its heavy-duty handles, this covering can protect your gear while still being comfortable to carry. It also has a zipper enclosure for quick, easy access. Featuring a hook-and-loop closure, the Mossy Oak shotgun case is ideal for most 52-inch shotguns without a scope. With its convenient size, it is easy to take with you on the go or can be simply stored when not in use. The Mossy Oak Yazoo 2 52-inch Shotgun Case is easy to use and can help keep your firearm in good condition, safe from dust and protected from scratches.
  • Fits most 52-inch shotguns without scope
  • Rugged, lightweight Endura 600D exterior
  • Heavy-duty handles and zippers
  • Mossy Oak shotgun case works hard to protect rifle from scratches and exterior damage
  • Easy to use
Savings up to 50%


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