Northland Fishing Tackle
Glo-Shot™ Spoon

Introducing the NEW GLO-SHOT™ SPOON!!! This spoon will change the way we think about glow in ice fishing. With it’s replaceable self illuminating Glo-Shot™ Stick there is no need to worry about charging your spoon. Fish confidently for up to eight hours knowing your spoon is attacking trophy walleye, big perch, slab crappie and any other predator that swims under hard water.

Available in 12 colors and 3 sizes. In the package you will receive one spoon, a stick removal tool, and a three light sticks. Replaceable sticks also sold separately.


  • Glo-Shot Stick Attracts Fish From Afar Glows In Color For 8+ Hours
  • Red, Green And Chartreuse Glo-Shot stick Colors
  • S-Curve Design Enhances Action
  • Lightweight Z-Alloy For Maximum Flutter, Non-Toxic
  • 4 Metallic, 4 UV And 4 Glow Color Options

A killer on crappies, perch, walleyes, pike and trout. Cast or vertically jig. S-curve design and light, lead-free construction excels with twitches, lifts and falls. Glo-Shot Sticks boost fish attraction in low-visibility situations. Change Glo-Shot Stick colors to match conditions. Tip with live bait or IMPULSE® soft plastics.

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