R-1 Underwater Camera

Decades of advanced sonar engineering meet wicked underwater wizardry; virtual reality joins aquatic reality, and both live to tell their The cFish R-1 underwater fishing camera system gives you the ability to "c" in all directions. Its revolutionary rotating camera allows you to see a full 360º and can be set to continuously rotate in either direction pausing or stopping when you like. The R1 underwater fishing camera is loaded with other features as well:
  • Continuous rotating underwater camera
    The R-1 underwater fishing camera resides in a watertight housing. The camera rotates continuously (without the need to stop or reverse) or can be paused or set to jog left or right at the push of a button. The rotation direction can also be reversed.

  • 9 super-bright, Luxeon LEDs
    The rotating camera on theR-1 is fitted with 9 super-bright, white Luxeon LEDs that can be turned on for nighttime or dark water viewing.

  • Remote control operation
    Remote control operation gives you five options to control your underwater camera. The control fob is tethered, so you'll always know where it is.

  • Premium Sony® camera
    The Sony EXview camera gathers dramatically more light than other cameras. EXview improves light sensitivity of its CCD by a factor of two for visible light and a factor of four for near-infrared wavelengths. The result is vastly superior image quality!
  • On Screen Direction
    No more fishing camera guesswork. cFish's exclusive On Screen Direction icon shows you, at a glance, the direction the camera is looking relative to the image!
  • 7" high resolution CRT monitor
    cFish uses a high resolution, 7" CRT monitor so you'll be able to see the crisp, clear image from the Sony camera. Others use LCD's which are difficult to see in direct sunlight (just look at your phone or laptop screen) and slow down in the cold. The R-1 monitor operates down to -40º, so it can be used for ice fishing. Monitor includes brightness and contrast controls as well as camera dimmer control so you can adjust for optimal viewing.

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