Ted Peck

Ted Peck
New Albin, IA

Cap’n Ted Peck has been guiding for over 30 years and writing outdoors stuff for even longer—with at least one column, article or broadcast every single week since June 1973. This experience has led to sponsorship by many national sporting goods concerns and frequent seminar requests.

Peck authored Mississippi Musings with the Old Guide in 2011, chronicling his guide work centered on Pool 9. When not on the Mississippi you’ll likely find him fishing somewhere else in Wisconsin or on other Midwestern fishery, averaging about 210 days a year on the water or out on the ice.

Recent Fishing Reports:

Mississippi River Pool 9 - Genoa

River level has been stable for a couple of days now. This will likely change by Sun/mon with projected rain on Christmas. Probably your safest bet for trying out new ice gear under the tree is Stoddard. Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good bite!

Mississippi River Pool 9 - Genoa

Backwaters now are like a 3-layer halloween cake: ice/water/snow...and SPOOKY.  Thought about sneaking out on DB this morning--then thought again.  There is probably 2 1/2" of ice. Pool has been stable for about 24 hours. At the north end of DB current isn't an issue but at the south end and a number of other backwaters it sure is!  Literally tough sledding out there right now.

Mississippi River Pool 9 - Genoa

snuck out fishin' at mid-morning cuz the Admiral wanted fish for supper.Took several rods, a bucket and the Vex. Started with a gold Cecil and never switched. Home with four nice crappies and three good gills. Home and all fish cleaned in two hours. A little tough getting on/off the ice. But several inches of good ice once on the grand slab.

Mississippi River Pool 9 - Genoa

Corps of engineers is having problems with ice jams at the locks. This has caused the River to come up considerably over the past couple days. When the jams are cleared, the River will drop sharply, causing voids--especially along the shoreline.  ice is not that good yet, with the arctic high in place and -10 temps this morning, fishing isn't any good either. Situation should stabilize by mid-week with warming temps and more stable River level