Jim Kopjo

Jim Kopjo
Brookfield, IL

Jim Kopjo, known as the “Crappie Professor”, has over 30 years of on-the-water experience and 14 years of running a very popular guide business in northern Illinois. Through his aggressive style of fishing, he is able to quickly establish patterns which makes for informative seminars. Jim travels over most of central and northern Illinois presenting fun and information packed seminars to fishing clubs and outdoor shows. He has participated in the open water Crappie USA tournament trail and the North American Ice Fishing Circuit.

Jim also enjoys volunteering with several local biologists in the designing, placement, and preservation of habitats. The Crappie Professor carries a boat load of professionalism and technical skill and enjoys sharing with others his knowledge and craft. You can contact Jim at

Recent Fishing Reports:

Shabbona Lake, DeKalb County

Got out on 11-14....wind was blowing from the south east....the east bay was the only calmer area...numbers and size were way down...we enjoyed the Panoptics  again....that technology is great...we pulled the plug early and beat the traffic on the way home...water never got over 40°...most on live bait with a few on the jigging rap's...(bass-pro version) 

Evergreen Lake, McLean County

Spent Veterans Day on the water with 2 fellow Marines....we served together quite a while ago and its was a blast to share stories and fish "together" again....was cold and windy...water was 41° at the start and climbed to 45° when we pulled the plug...did better out of the wind...maybe we could see the light bites better...kinda near the end now... 

Evergreen Lake, McLean County

Report is from 11-2-2017....was cold at the start and remained cold all out of the wind in a few areas but the active fish were in the wind blown areas...we ended around 45 caught with 20 being keepers...tried the jigging spoons again and missed one nice fish in some trees near the campground...(rustic sites)....not a bad day....just wish the temps wouldn't cool so fast...we missed out on a few weeks of good fishing this fall...

Lake Sara, Effingham County

Went to lake Sara last week(10-23...10-26)...had a major cold front and rain pound on us the first day and a were actually more active during the storm and got very lethargic after...we caught a bunch...size was on the smaller size than what I remember seeing here....been close to ten years since I was here last...lot's of shoreline rocks now line my favorite shorelines...the laydowns and submerged trees are still there....some are gone but that is what time does to our honey holes...found some new areas for next time....was in a buddies boat that had decent down imaging and we vertically jigged over them...slipbobber worked very well also...buddies in the next cabin over drifted and ran a double hook rig and did well also...