Jim Kopjo

Jim Kopjo
Brookfield, IL

Jim Kopjo, known as the “Crappie Professor”, has over 30 years of on-the-water experience and 14 years of running a very popular guide business in northern Illinois. Through his aggressive style of fishing, he is able to quickly establish patterns which makes for informative seminars. Jim travels over most of central and northern Illinois presenting fun and information packed seminars to fishing clubs and outdoor shows. He has participated in the open water Crappie USA tournament trail and the North American Ice Fishing Circuit.

Jim also enjoys volunteering with several local biologists in the designing, placement, and preservation of habitats. The Crappie Professor carries a boat load of professionalism and technical skill and enjoys sharing with others his knowledge and craft. You can contact Jim at

Recent Fishing Reports:

Shabbona Lake, DeKalb County

Just a quick added report to what we did/saw yesterday....started near the area out from the campground shoreline....everything we saw was near bottom....water had a lot of color to it...I walked toward earthen pier 2 and guy's were working cribs there...dropped the camera and water was worse near bottom as far as clarity...caught a few...they wanted the long wedgie instead of the creature baits...headed to e.p. 4 and checked out some cribs there...pretty much the same thing....bite was better deeper....decided to hit some trees and headed out there....noticed the mudline...extended north and south...not sure how fast it moves based on flow/melt off of snow...bite was definitely better there...but so was the clarity..had 2 close to 12 with several 10-11...had 31 on the clicker when I pulled the plug...all c&r..hope this helps you guy's...

Shabbona Lake, DeKalb County

Ice was 12 inches every where I walked....I'll put up a full report after tonights game...last minute invite to the Blackhawks game...activity level was more than the conditions I read on the weather channel....checked the creek on the way in and it had a moderate flow ...cleaner than the storms normally make it...special thanks to the 2 guy's giving me a heads up on where to enter onto the I was checking the safeness of travel they hollered and pointed a way out onto the ice...more later gotta run...

Slocum Lake, Lake County

It's a private lake and my buddy had a key to the lock...he opened the gate and we drove to his friends house to walk out from...sorry ..I normally don't get to fish private or semi private waters....but from the stories this lake had a lot of friends fishing there???