Jim Kopjo

Jim Kopjo
Brookfield, IL

Jim Kopjo, known as the “Crappie Professor”, has over 30 years of on-the-water experience and 14 years of running a very popular guide business in northern Illinois. Through his aggressive style of fishing, he is able to quickly establish patterns which makes for informative seminars. Jim travels over most of central and northern Illinois presenting fun and information packed seminars to fishing clubs and outdoor shows. He has participated in the open water Crappie USA tournament trail and the North American Ice Fishing Circuit.

Jim also enjoys volunteering with several local biologists in the designing, placement, and preservation of habitats. The Crappie Professor carries a boat load of professionalism and technical skill and enjoys sharing with others his knowledge and craft. You can contact Jim at

Recent Fishing Reports:

Shabbona Lake, DeKalb County

Finally got out on the hard top.....started at 0800...was greeted by the game warden at the front gate posts....there is no gate so be careful entering the park before o8oo...he is tired of the rule stretching....any way....we checked some mid depth and some deeper areas....did better at the mid depths...plastics were used on a number 4 fiska....broke 12 on one and had 2 just under 12....the rest of my meal for tonight were between 91/2 and 11....ended with 43 on the clicker and a few missed...(think I was closer to 45...)met some guy's from another site and enjoyed some brats...what a great warden walked the entire lake...counting devices and checking for papers...nice guy to talk to...nice to see the presence at the park...