Jason Freed

Jason Freed
Baxter, MN

Jason Freed is a full-time guide with Leisure Outdoor Adventures who attacks the water with unparalleled passion and preparation. When Jason is not on the water, he is pursuing his other passions as a husband, teacher, and coach. Jason is married to his high school sweetheart Emilee and together they are raising two beautiful daughters Macin and Hayden. Jason enjoys his time on the water or ice working teaching people and giving them an abundance of memories. Freed is an avid outdoor writer and videographer for LOA and loves finding, experimenting, writing about, and filming the new cutting edge presentations and products that are on the market today.

You will also find Freed spending his time as one of the co-editors of the Leisure Outdoor Adventures Newsletter and assisting with promotional and advertising ventures with LOA business partners and sponsors. When on the water, Jason runs a Lund 1900 LE with a 225HP Mercury Optimax and spends most of his time on the water chasing walleyes, bass, and crappies. Check out the LOA website at

Recent Fishing Reports:

Leech Lake, Cass County

Sorry it has been awhile.  Back guiding and doing trips and will be full force here in June.  Here is quick report from last weekend.

Walleyes on Leech Lake found themselves spread out but actively feeding on shiners. A Jig and shiner or a plastic and lindy rigs with shiners and leeches were the go to presentations during the course of the week. Somedays walleyes were wanting it dragged along which is where lindy rigs worked well and other days snapping or twitching a jig and minnow was the ticket. So being diverse in your presentations, changing up colors and cadences, and getting away from the crowds is the ticket.  

West End - Fish were found on West Goose Flats, Star Point, Grand Vu Flats, Duck Point, Pine Point, Stoney, and on some of the breaklines in Traders Bay. Depending on the day depths changed, but it seemed the best bite was in 8-14 feet of water. Find the shiners and you found walleyes closeby!

East End/Main Lake - Main Lake Rocks are still producing a large quantity of fish in the 20-26” protected slot, with some keepers mixed in. Annex, Submarine, Five Mile, Pelican Island, and Rogers Point all had decent bites. Fish were typically found in that 8-12ft range on this part of the lake and finding areas with sand and boulders was the key. Portage Bay also reported a good bite up near Federal Dam. Look for emergent cabbage in Portage, especially on those bright and sunny days where those walleyes will look to find cover. Pitching a jig and minnow or jig and plastic for these Leech Lake Walleyes in the cabbage is fun way to catch them.  

Jumbo Perch are also showing up with the walleyes, but often times will be shallower. Found some of our best perch bites in 6-10ft of water, with some really nice jumbos mixed in.