Ed Franko

Ed Franko
Lake Ozark, MO

Hello, my name is Ed Franko, and I am the owner of Big Ed’s Guide Service, located at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. I have always enjoyed fishing and have been a dedicated angler since I was a small child. In the past, I have participated in several fishing tournaments, which include the Red Man Circuit, Bass World Sports, and several other open tournaments. These tournaments, along with a long-time passion for fishing, led to my desire to share my interests with others.

I am currently a fishing guide, and my main purpose is teaching others how to catch fish, not just showing them. I guide on Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. I also participate in other fishing-related events, such as making guest appearances on various radio shows and working sporting shows for Nameoki Village Marine and the local Lake Area CVB.

Recent Fishing Reports:

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Super windy warm day for mid November. Took a gentleman out this afternoon and we caught several bass no monsters but some real quality fish. The fish were holding above brush and would hit a square bill crankbait and a jerkbait.   Good time for sure anytime you can go out in a boat in November and not have to wear a heavy coat . Thanks for the beautiful day.

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

At 7am the temp outside was 74. A cold front blew through and the weather is now raining and 43. Needless to say I thought before the front blew in I thought we would of nailed them. Nope never landed a fish. The wind changed directions and the cold filtered in and the bite was gone. I guess I was in the wrong place when it all happened as just as the front blew in they should of went nuts.NOPE didn't happen fished just a little while and headed in to sit by the fire.  

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Found the fish today and smacked them pretty good..I fished several different spots that looked the same and caught them in every one of them. Had several bigger fish but a dead camera. Had a great day fished shallow creeks and caught them on a spinnerbait...

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

The  fish bit better today than the past few days.  The mile high blue skies are hard on the fishing business but are more welcome than a a all day rain storm.  The fish are still chasing shad balls and are more towards the middle of the short coves in open water. Some are catching fish on a buzz baits and square bills.The spinnerbait and the whopper plopper are working best for me.

Good Fishin 

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County
 Caught a few today on a Jerk Bait and a Wopper Plopper today.  Found fish chasing shad but could not get them to bite. We caught fish off of wave breaks and dock corners that had wind blowing in on them.  Fishing was S L O W and i am looking forward to the fall feed it has to happen anyday.