Ed Franko

Ed Franko
Lake Ozark, MO

Hello, my name is Ed Franko, and I am the owner of Big Ed’s Guide Service, located at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. I have always enjoyed fishing and have been a dedicated angler since I was a small child. In the past, I have participated in several fishing tournaments, which include the Red Man Circuit, Bass World Sports, and several other open tournaments. These tournaments, along with a long-time passion for fishing, led to my desire to share my interests with others.

I am currently a fishing guide, and my main purpose is teaching others how to catch fish, not just showing them. I guide on Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. I also participate in other fishing-related events, such as making guest appearances on various radio shows and working sporting shows for Nameoki Village Marine and the local Lake Area CVB.

Recent Fishing Reports:

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Took the one and only Ken Taylor out fishing last night. Ken does The Outdoor Guy radio show every Friday afternoon at 3 to 4PM CST on ESPN Radio in KC MO or nationally Saturdays at 9 AM CST on Sports Byline USA. It is always a good time fishing with Ken. We caught bass on main lake points on a big worm in about 20 feet of water. We found a bunch of fish on a main lake point. They were eager to bite but not willing to commit.One hit wonders is what I call them. We did scratch out some nice fish but no monsters. The water temp is in the low 90s the thermocline is setting up around 30 feet in some areas so the fish are spending more time in the hotter water causing them to stress out. Please be careful and practice catch and quickly release.   

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County
Had a fishing trip last evening with Robert and Mike from St. Louis Missouri. Both of the guys had really never fished a Texas rigged worm and had a hard time setting the hook in the 20 plus feet of water. They had plenty of bites but the hook up rate was tough. It was a weird night as the fish would hit the worm and then gone. They simply would not stay with it. Big worms and main lake points are the ticket to success right now. With the water temp in the low 90s the fish are taking a beating. I really believe that all tournament fishing should be suspended until the water temp gets into at least down to the mid 80s.
Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

With the air temp in the upper 90s and the water temp 90 degrees. It is hard to fish let alone get the fish to eat. Two days ago we slapped them real good . We could catch them on every point we fished. Last night we struggled to catch a bass over two pounds. We fished the same bait the same way except last night we had a east wind.I know that the old wise tale the fish bite the least when the wind is from the east. We fished the same type of structure both nights with the same baits.  GO FIGURE.

Posted are a couple of fish that were from the two night ago trip. Good Fishing

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County
Took a couple of real nice people from florida out this morning. We caught several fish on topwater early. The worm bite for some reason is slow slow .We caught a few but we fished lots of brush piles to get them. whopper plopper was the bait for today..
Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Put a smack down on those Bass again last night. The fish were once again eager to eat a worm. Really didn't make a difference in color. It was putting it in the right place a wiggling it just right. (that sounds bad) You had to hit the ledge on the sweet spot and then shake your rod a little and then let it fall off. Smack it they would. Caught at least 25 to 30 in just a few hours. Good time for sure .

Happy Forth of July ! Thanks to all who are serving and those that have served