Ed Franko

Ed Franko
Lake Ozark, MO

Hello, my name is Ed Franko, and I am the owner of Big Ed’s Guide Service, located at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. I have always enjoyed fishing and have been a dedicated angler since I was a small child. In the past, I have participated in several fishing tournaments, which include the Red Man Circuit, Bass World Sports, and several other open tournaments. These tournaments, along with a long-time passion for fishing, led to my desire to share my interests with others.

I am currently a fishing guide, and my main purpose is teaching others how to catch fish, not just showing them. I guide on Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. I also participate in other fishing-related events, such as making guest appearances on various radio shows and working sporting shows for Nameoki Village Marine and the local Lake Area CVB.

Recent Fishing Reports:

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Fished yesterday with the members of the St.Elizabeth Bass Club. With the weather being warm it was a good day to fish. I took the boys out to teach them how to fish a suspending jerk bait. It was a tough day for the boys however we did catch some fish. We caught some big crappie and a few bass. All in all we had a instructional fishing trip and caught some fish as a bonus.

If you can catch a good warming trend now is the time to come to the lake. Numbers of fish are not being caught but some big ones are starting to bite.This will only get only better with time. The fish are shallower than you would expect. The bite is light and sometime hard to detect.

The past few trips I have been on the lake the bite was on a custom painted jerk bait shad pattern.

Big Ed


Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Some big fish are being caught on Jigs,Jerk Baits and Alabama Rigs. There was one bass over eight weighed in this past weekend. Needless to say that fish took big bass. That's a dandy for sure. This time of the year is when most of the heavy weights are caught but you have to remember big fish don't get big being dumb.Very few fish are caught over eight each year here at the lake. I would be willing to say less than a dozen each year. 

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Beautiful day today but the fish were just not in the mood. I fished a couple of spots that normally hold winter fish but just caught a few dinks..  I did catch a monster crappie on a jerk bait. I thought that was going to be one of many but I never got another bite. They were stacked up like cord wood but just weren't wanting to eat. Tomorrow might be a different story.

Lake of the Ozarks, Miller County

Finally the ice moved out of the cove and was able to fish a little today. It was a slow bite but we did manage to catch a few. The lake is low clear and cold.. Hope to fish again tomorrow. Jerk bait was the only thing that produced a bites today.