Jim Kopjo

Jim Kopjo
Brookfield, IL

Jim Kopjo, known as the “Crappie Professor”, has over 30 years of on-the-water experience and 14 years of running a very popular guide business in northern Illinois. Through his aggressive style of fishing, he is able to quickly establish patterns which makes for informative seminars. Jim travels over most of central and northern Illinois presenting fun and information packed seminars to fishing clubs and outdoor shows. He has participated in the open water Crappie USA tournament trail and the North American Ice Fishing Circuit.

Jim also enjoys volunteering with several local biologists in the designing, placement, and preservation of habitats. The Crappie Professor carries a boat load of professionalism and technical skill and enjoys sharing with others his knowledge and craft. You can contact Jim at

Recent Fishing Reports:

Big Eau Pleine , Marathon County

Well we got out and caught fish....just not in the numbers the lake is known for....hoping we have an honest icefisher that reads this site or report...while out yesterday with my buddy we got a call from home ....a close friend had passed and we cut our trip short to get home....I either left my ice55 on the spot we were at or it fell out of the sled on the drive in...we didn't drive on the quad fast ....but we were a long way from the launch by the bridge....will offer a reward because of sentimental value for the unit....feel free to contact me with info...thanks....