Jim Kopjo

Jim Kopjo
Brookfield, IL

Jim Kopjo, known as the “Crappie Professor”, has over 30 years of on-the-water experience and 14 years of running a very popular guide business in northern Illinois. Through his aggressive style of fishing, he is able to quickly establish patterns which makes for informative seminars. Jim travels over most of central and northern Illinois presenting fun and information packed seminars to fishing clubs and outdoor shows. He has participated in the open water Crappie USA tournament trail and the North American Ice Fishing Circuit.

Jim also enjoys volunteering with several local biologists in the designing, placement, and preservation of habitats. The Crappie Professor carries a boat load of professionalism and technical skill and enjoys sharing with others his knowledge and craft. You can contact Jim at

Recent Fishing Reports:

Slocum Lake, Lake County

It's a private lake and my buddy had a key to the lock...he opened the gate and we drove to his friends house to walk out from...sorry ..I normally don't get to fish private or semi private waters....but from the stories this lake had a lot of friends fishing there???

Shabbona Lake, DeKalb County

Started at the 0800 open careful going in early....guess the site super or Conservation is tired of guy's being out there on the ice fishing  before the park is open....walked a lot today and drilled the heck out of the ice....lot of spots showed weekend be sure ,before we left or during our check for fish, I dropped the camera...didn't see many fish...we caught several in a couple areas...not what I was expecting..??? got One decent fish in deeper water...but you had to be patient...plastics out fished bait for us....need another trip to get dialed in out there...water was pretty cloudy for first ice...Hummmm???

Cook County Forest Preserves, Cook County

Tried a small lake near the house today....water was clear...talked to a guy out there and he stated that the last trip of the fall he notice a very green color to the water and weeds were not normal looking...or in normal areas...we drilled for 2 hours and never seen good weeds or fish...used to hold some good bluegill and crappie...been a few years...guess I need to spend more time there and relearn it....LOL

Slocum Lake, Lake County

First time here...friend invited me to drill some holes and learn the lake...spent about 2 hours drilling and looking with depth finder and the camera...never found any weeds or fish...water was pretty clear...thought we might see something near the shoreline cattails...nope...buddy may try open water to help dial it in