Chris Taurisano

Chris Taurisano
carpentersville, IL

I have been fishing as far back as I can remember. Ever since the day grandpa took me to the local pond to catch bluegills and bullheads at age three, I have been completely in love with the sport!

Camp Fish was a fishing school started by the famous Al Lindner and the In-Fisherman crew. I had the opportunity to learn from the best in the business for a week out of every year for 5 years in a row! It was a fantastic experience to learn and to become a much better fisherman. By 16 years old, I had my own boat and fished as often as I could. Throughout my years of fishing, not only was I lucky enough to fish with my grandpa, and the guys at the In-Fisherman, but I also became friends with pro fisherman and guide Sean Bermingham at a young age. Sean took me under his wing and really helped me become an even better and more well-rounded angler.

By my early twenties, I had a very good understanding of the sport and wanted to take my skills to the next level. Between doing well in local tournaments and getting the opportunity to fish with pro fisherman, I knew that I one day I wanted to be able to teach others what I had learned along the way. In recent years I have also had the opportunity to become friends and fish with Hall of Fame Angler, Spence Petros. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to be able to fish with the best of the best, and I would love to be able to teach you everything I have learned throughout the years.

Recent Fishing Reports:

Fox Chain, Lake County

Spent a day out there today with some buddies in search of Walleyes. Blade baits, jig and minnows and 3 ways all caught fish. Kept a few for dinner and the rest went back. Catching eyes in February is petty cool. I'll be on the water all week and making runs between northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Looking like I may be guiding open water all 12 months this season. Saw some guys on ice in channels today. Be safe and enjoy

Fox Chain, Lake County

Reelone, thanks for the update in your post. Great info. The ice is coming back and should be much better after the cold nights coming. I thought I'd share some pics of what I've been up to while most have been waiting for ice. The big lake to the east of us has been great! Hope you enjoy the pics...

Fox Chain, Lake County
We have not been out on the ice in over a week but I have heard about a few guys going through recently. I know one guy personally. It's not worth losing your life over a fish. Be smart out there. I personally have been open water fishing on Lk Michigan for the last month and a half and it has been outstanding. If you have the itch to get out, go hit our great lakes. The show season is upon us as well. The Schaumburg show at the Schaumburg Convention Center is going on this weekend and it's the best fishing show in Illinois. Definitely breaks up cabin fever. Spring is right around the corner!