KVD on the One-Boat Network

From when KVD started fishing to now, one thing has remained constant: boat control is everything.

From when KVD started fishing until now, technology has changed dramatically but one thing has remained the same: boat control is everything. And with the One-Boat Network from Minn Kota and Humminbird, you have more options to control your boat and fish more effectively than ever before.

The plan is simple - find fish, get to fish, stay on fish - and when your electronics work together to make it happen, it happens more efficiently and more often. KVD explains how easy it is to do with the One-Boat Network from Minn Kota and Humminbird.

"When I first started fishing, everything was what you would see with your eyes or your polarized glasses. My first boat didn't have a depth finder...I remember just getting my first transom-mounted trolling motor...and I learned real fast that boat control was everything.

I feel like I have an advantage with this One-Boat Network. Everything is integrated together. My Talons work with my LakeMaster mapping, and my Ultrex, and my depth finders...and you have multiple ways to run all of them - from your individual remotes to the Bluetooth on your phone, right off of the depth finder screen. So anywhere you're at in the boat, you have total boat control."

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