Press Releases

Here are some recent press releases in the outdoor industry. If you have a press release that you would like to see featured on Lake-Link please contact us for more information.
JUNE 30, 2017
St. Croix wows recreational and professional anglers with technologically advanced and handcrafted Legend Tournament Inshore Park Falls, WI - Work… There's a saying, "A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work." And it gets infinite likes and shares on social media, despite its tiredness. For some anglers, fishing is w...
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JUNE 27, 2017
Planning to go out and fish can be time consuming for some anglers. You must figure out what lake you'll be fishing, what species of fish are there and what bait they are hitting. Furthermore, some lakes are very large so finding the best place could take up the whole day. That's where NetFish comes in. NetFish is a free social rewards app that pr...
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