Press Releases

Here are some recent press releases in the outdoor industry. If you have a press release that you would like to see featured on Lake-Link please contact us for more information.
MAY 11, 2017
A quartet of techniques - and their counterpart St. Croix rods - to seize spring walleyes Park Falls, WI - For states with closed walleye seasons, the gap between when the ice is too treacherous to traipse and legal fishing begins anew can be a painful one. During that bleak span, however, walleye fishing strategies are built, trips booked...
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MAY 1, 2017
Extreme Angler television host and St. Croix pro Karl Kalonka puts a bead on bass Park Falls, WI - And now we go to our Canadian correspondent, Karl Kalonka, for blue-chip bass fishing tipsÂ… Say what? (Insert sound of vinyl record screeching to a halt.) Yes, friends, the Canadian frontier isn't only about lifer walleyes, paddle-length pike...
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