Press Releases

Here are some recent press releases in the outdoor industry. If you have a press release that you would like to see featured on Lake-Link please contact us for more information.
OCTOBER 16, 2018
Winner borrows boat from friend and fishes the entire tournament with no boat-mounted electronics In this era of high-definition side image and detailed mapping, when is the last time a major bass fishing event was won without a single fish finder mounted on the winner's boat? If you guessed as recent as one month ago, you are correct. ...
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OCTOBER 2, 2018
Croix Custom Ice (CCI) rods deliver exclusive ice fishing experience Park Falls, WI - Ultra-refined instruments provide an almost supernatural ability to hear, sense and detect things otherwise impossible for humans. Antennae perceive subtle electromagnetic pulses. Stethoscopes listen for the slightest acoustical arrhythmia. Other forms of f...
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SEPTEMBER 14, 2018
10 new models deliver unrivaled performance to hardwater anglers Park Falls, WI - Ice fishing has evolved in truly revolutionary ways during the past decade. Gone are the days of sitting on a pail for hours at a time, jigging with a "rod" that had more in common with a broomstick than with a precision angling instrument. The contemporary ...
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
Plano, IL - Anglers wanting to catch more fish in the hard-water season need to pay attention to detail to catch and land more fish. Whether you're after panfish or walleye, the new Arctic Fire Combos offer the best in sensitivity, action, and rod length to feel, set the hook, and land more fish. The rods and ball-bearing driven spinning reels are ...
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