Devils Lake Lake Reviews
Ramsey County, North Dakota

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Our group went home with our limit of walleye, but really had to work for them. Some long days on the water. Some days crank baits were the ticket other days slip bobbers or jigs with soft plastic. I think a jig with a 3" Gulp minnow was the best over all. White and blue seemed to be the best color. Mostly in shallow warm water. Did get some with Flicker Shads, Walleye Divers and Shad Raps too in a little deeper water that had some current. Caught hundreds of northerns for the week and got into some white bass in shallow bays too. The lake is definitely lower this year. About 1.5'-2' lower than last year. Some of our favorite spots were difficult to get to or not fishable at all this year. The Pelican Lake launch is closed due to low water. The info I got from the resort is that the lake is due to be intentionally lowered another 4' over the next 2 years. If you are heading up to D.L. be careful on the water as it is different than previous years. Ask around to see where any trouble spots are.
it is very possible to get skunked bc if you dont know were to fish your just following crowds... but when you get on the fish theres alot of em and big... dad grew up here so that helpa a little
impossible to get skunked
Monster Lake With Great Action On Smaller Walleye