West Arroda Dam Lake Reviews
Oliver County, North Dakota

There are currently 2 reviews for West Arroda Dam.
Found the fishing to be good this time of year. look for the deeper water around 25 to 30 feet. most of the crappie I was catching were suspended about 3 feet off the bottom. tip-ups worked good for pike in the depths of 10 to 20 feet. they were set about 1 to 3 feet from the bottom. You may get frustrated with the smaller perch, but they make for a fun day if you bring the kids along. Still seen a lot of vegetation on the camera but most seems to be dying off due to the snow cover. ice depth ranged from 8 to 10 inches. Good luck and Great fishing.
Lots of plant life to contend with when shore fishing. The undergrowth extends out almost 15-20 feet in most places. Almost no visible algae or scum on the water's surface. The boat ramp area is easily accessible. No visible restrooms. Shore fishing is very limited. A small boat is your best bet. I was there from about 6pm to 10pm and didn't catch anything. Another member of the group caught two small bass not worth keeping. Large fish were visible jumping when it got closer to sunset. Lots of trash left by other visitors.