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Easy Bite Ice Fishing Bobber

For years past and today’s anglers use the trusty old spring type bobber or floats. Some of these spring bobbers are offered by companies while others made their own from parts they had in their garage.

Why spring bobbers are so widely used is that they offer the person using them a fairly sensitive bite indicator. Spring bobbers mainly show the typical fish bite in a positive downward motion which is fairly easy to read when fish are aggressive.

Easy Bite Ice Fishing Bobber Though spring bobbers are sensitive they do have several limitations.

  1. They are difficult to thread especially with ultra thin lines and cold fingers.
  2. Being a spring, after catching fish they become stretched losing their sensitivity.
  3. Fishing conditions are tough and spring bobbers don’t take abuse well and can get caught, stretch and break.
  4. Spring bobbers don’t allow you to fish with heavier jigs/lures and if you go heavy you lose the sensitivity and action of the spring.
  5. In outside conditions they can very easily ice up or get line freeze
  6. Because of their size and color they are very difficult to see in low light conditions. Especially inside an ice house or portable shelter.
  7. For most part offer a visual positive fish bite in a downward motion and not be able to indicate other ways fish attack or inhale their food.
The first balance bobber was invented and patented in the 1990’s to enable anglers a more visual way to read how fish were biting.

Balance technology is a simple design concept which allows the user several different ways to see how fish are biting.

We all have experienced the typical bounce of a spring, rod tip or bobbing motion of a float. This type of positive bite or pulling downward is very typical of fish that are in an aggressive feeding mode. On those days it usually doesn’t matter what you have in your hand or tied to your line, seeing and feeling the bite is very easy, those days you are going to catch fish.

The easy Bite bobber offers you a bigger advantage that the most sensitive spring or floats can’t.


  • Glow in the Dark Feature, the "Easy Bite Glow"
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Easy to See a Fish Bite
  • Balance Technology
  • Positive Bite
  • Negative Bite
  • Worlds Most Visible Strike Indicator
  • Sensitive Visual Action
  • One System - One Solution
  • Replaces the Historic Spring Bobber
  • Counter Weighted up to 1/2oz Jigs
  • More weight = more sensitivity
The revolutionary replacement for the historic ice fishing spring bobber. Catch more fish with visual indication!

Easy Bite Easy Bite
PO Box 130
Muskego, WI 53150
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