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Automatic Fisherman

Want to Catch More Fish?

  • Fight the fish on a rod and reel
  • Fish set the hook when they're ready
  • No more chasing flags
  • No more guess work
  • Consistently catch all species of fish


We wanted to make a product that can help fisherman consistently catch any kind, or size, of freshwater fish through the ice. We believe we've done that by creating the Automatic Fisherman™.

When you have it set correctly for the species of fish you are after, you should never have to chase flags again. We have refined the principals built into the Automatic Fisherman™ for more than twenty years. Using the Automatic Fisherman™ will improve your ability to catch fish, because the fish trigger the hook set when they're ready. You don't need to know when to set the hook anymore; the fishing rod does that for you. Using the Automatic Fisherman™ is like you are at every hole.

Automatic Ice Fisherman

The Automatic Fisherman™ consists of a rectangular base with two small raised tabs that a vertical arm is fastened to with a nut and a bolt. This vertical arm is known as the trigger arm. This trigger arm is adjustable to accommodate fishing rods from 23 inches to 34 inches. This trigger arm should move freely so it falls down when the fishing rod is not attached. The trigger arm has a hole located at the top for a mercury light and a counterweight on the top so it falls down out of the way to fight the fish. The rectangle base has (v) notches cut out at the bottom, so it can grip the ice when there is not any snow. There is also a perpendicular support that stops the unit from tipping on its side in windy conditions. The base also has a hollow tube that acts as a rod holder,this holder has a support structure to give it extra strength for those really big fish.

Give the Automatic Fisherman™ a try, you won't be disappointed.

Automatic Fisherman, LLC.
Automatic Fisherman, LLC.
1048 Harwood Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54313
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