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2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner

2+4® FUEL CONDITIONER Ethanol Protection Formula is designed specifically to protect gasoline engines from the potentially harmful effects of ethanol blended fuels.

Moisture (water) in the fuel system is a natural occurrence caused by condensation, a loose fuel cap or even contaminated fuel. The alcohol in your fuel will mix with the water and separate to the bottom of your fuel tank. This corrosive alcohol/water mixture can damage fuel system components, leading to down time and costly repairs.

2+4 FUEL CONDITIONER Ethanol Protection Formula helps minimize moisture and contains corrosion inhibitors to reduce long term corrosion of metal parts.

Gasoline has a limited shelf life. This is typically not an issue in your automobile because it gets used all of the time. However, your outboard motor, generator, snowmobile, snow blower, lawn mower and the rest of your lawn and garden equipment are a different story as they may sit for weeks in between use. The gasoline in these items begins to break down chemically in as little as a few days, especially when stored in a hot garage or shed during the heat of the summer. This chemical breakdown leads to a host of problems including gum and varnish deposits, reduced engine performance and even internal engine damage.

2+4 FUEL CONDITIONER contains antioxidants that slow the chemical breakdown process and keeps your gas fresh while you are away, and it helps you to avoid costly fuel system repairs.

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