We got out on Cayuga Sunday morning at 6:00 AM. Started setting up in 100' of water on the west side launching out of Allan H. Treman State Park. Two rods in the water and we had fish hitting the lures, the start of a good day. Fished down the west side with the fish hitting lures 40-50' down. Water temp at 50' was 51 degrees. We were getting hits every 5-10 minutes, with the fish hooking up every 15 minutes. Ended up with 18 fish in the boat out of 25 fish. Lost some in the 10lb class. A round 12:00 the fishing slowed down with us getting hits like 1 a hour. We called it a day at 4:00 PM and headed in. Color didn't mater when they were turned on. The main thing was the temp and depth.

Captain Ed