Bald Eagle Lake Reviews
Ramsey County, Minnesota

There are currently 10 reviews for Bald Eagle.
.BASS. blue skirted bass jigs in the reeds and docks under docks worked the best for me. bass are very small.
This is an extremely fishable and versatile lake. Panfish, Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and even Muskellunge are accessible in Bald Eagle. There are next to no shore fishing opportunities if you don't live somewhere around the lake, but there is a nice boat access, and plenty of open water. The island in the middle hosts plenty of action, but you could catch fish almost anywhere within the limits of the lake. From catching Panfish in the shallows to hooking into a 50 inch Muskie in a deeper section, you really can;t go wrong fishing here.
I've caught some small bass and northerns in this lake. It's fun to fish with way too many good spots to check out. Lots of places where the waterskiers won't bother you.
Great looking lake but it lacks quality fish and rude boaters who are impatient. The boat landing is busy on 4th of july weekend of course it's gonna be packed. Rude people and below average fishing. I caught a lot of bass but nothing with size. A good bass lake should on a regular basis have good average. It didn't matter deep or shallow its a lake i will think twice about going to again.
best lake i have ever been too its really not a swimmers lake its all about the fishing caught my first muskie there and always catch something never been skunked there knock on wood
This seems to be a pretty active lake, both with anglers and with fish. Typically when I go there it's pretty crowded but today was a rainy weekday at noon so it wasn't AS crowded. Just after the rain stopped I caught 2 good sized smallies within 10 minutes of putting my line in the water using propped surface baits. Man, it's fun to watch them jump!!
AWESOME!!!! caught big crappies off the rock pile at noth end of lake. biggest 14in. good luck.
Good Ice Crappie, Some Perch. Got Small Muskie Through Ice!!!
Cigar Island Is Good Spot For Ice Crappies, Tho Awefully Crowded.
One Of The Best Metro Musky Lakes. 48" Size Limit, Some Reported 52" Caught.