Bald Eagle Photos
Ramsey County, Minnesota

David Stockert
David Stockert
Ernie Ziemann - 21 Walleye, where everyone fish.. Rock bottom.
Ernie Ziemann
Tom Kaspszak - First cast of the morning on topwater! Fun to share with my daughter.
Tom Kaspszak
Daniel Wesener - Got lucky with this hog.  3/8 oz. spinnerbait with 6 lb. fireline on a bass rod.  A serious fight!  We later caught a pair of 40 northerns the same day on musky set-ups.
Daniel Wesener
Tom Kaspszak - Caught my first Muskie fishing for bass in 7 ft. of water
Tom Kaspszak
Bert Baierl - Caught with a chatter bait
Bert Baierl