Mille Lacs Lake Reviews
Mille Lacs County, Minnesota

There are currently 10 reviews for Mille Lacs.
Mille Lacs is good to go for ice fishing. We went out of Mac's Twin Bay, Twice now. Ice is 6-8" depth. The fish are biting during the morning and evening bite. I've been fishing shallower water. We are catching fish on tip ups, Jigging, and dead stick.
A hit & miss lake. When fishing is good it can be incredible. When it's bad be prepared for a long day. You always have a chance at a fish of a lifetime.
Every year in the summer I have fished this great big body of water and loved the launch service for night fishing but found that the "eyes" are hard to come by during the daytime.
HUGE lake. Drift with leeches during day in 12-18 ft. water and slip bobbers with leeches on rock bars to catch many and big walleye.
Mille Lacs Lake has a healthy population of good sized walleyes. It has good access and the lake is so big that you can go fish by yourself and not be bothered by crowds, even on weekends when there are a lot of people on the lake.
a great lake for many species, full of walleyes, big pike, big muskey, huge smallmouths. This lake gets a lot of pressure but It is managed very well.
The management of this fishery with the slot size limit has led to a tremendous asset to anglers. I've caught numerous walleyes in the 4-8 lb range and, best yet, released them for future anglers. It's hard to fond a lake in WI with the walleye population of any age-class having such a large population of large fish.
Too Bad The Slots Are Getting Smaller. So Are The Fish
Walleyes! Perch!! Caught 250 Perch In 3 Hrs!!awesome. Take Lots Of Bait. Big Lake!
Walleyes, Walleyes, Walleyes! Go There Once, And You Will Be Hooked.